And another year passes so now is the time to start creating intentions for the year to come!

It is always around now that I spend some quiet time reviewing the year that was and set up my new year with intention. Yes, my new diary beckons, but I know spending time first creating intentions is an empowering, insightful and priceless process.

new year new start I started doing this back in the late 90’s and, as I look over the years since then, I can see its profound effect on my life. For a few years, I just reviewed the year. After a while that started to become a little depressing and surprisingly monotonous. I knew, as an energy worker, that working with intention always guides an outcome so I started creating intentions for the year. That absolutely changed everything. 

My annual reviews stopped being a review of failings and started to become a chance to identify wins and see trajectories. I did not use my intention as an expectation – I quickly learnt that was a soul-destroying exercise, there are far too many unknowns in each year! Instead, my intentions became a gentle guidance for the year. I learnt to start by considering my values so my intentions fit me and I didn’t get carried away by the excitement of a New Year!

I have a few ways of spending this time creating guidance for my year, it depends on how the year has been and where I am in my life. I share these with my clients and have blogged about them over time – this year I thought I would blog a round-up of my favourites so …

Here is a list of my favourite ways to create New Year Intentions:

  • If you have had a big year you are likely to be feeling a little overwhelmed – if so I suggest a process that especially gently supports you to feel empowered and intentional. Click here for that. 
  • On the other hand, you may be ready to redefine your life,  if so creating a manifesting statement is a fabulous way to set a trajectory of transformation.
  • I often like a single word (or two) to guide my year, it makes for a simple and gentle daily reminder of what I wish for in my life.
  • I loved this article by Elizabeth Gilbert on purpose and passion and it has often been useful for clients when they want to create a way to live on both purpose and to create an income.
  • This is my all-time (and many of my clients) favourite process to discover and be guided by the deeper currents of the psyche.
  • And here is part 2. Don’t spoil the prize – do part one above first. 🙂
  • And, as our values are so significant, here is a blog on how to determine yours if you’ve never considered them before.

dragon year

I wish you the most wonderful year ahead. As we are entering an ‘8’ year and a Dragon year in Chinese astrology, we will be reaping the returns for the last 8 years. Both Dragon and 8 contain the energy of abundance and so for 2024, I wish that for you, and most especially an abundance of all that brings you love and joy.

All the best! Gay


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