Coaching and Kinesiology Sessions, Brisbane

coaching and kinesiology These coaching and kinesiology sessions are for you if you are stuck, struggling with an issue, want to increase your skills or simply change an aspect of your life.

You may already be trying to make changes but are not happy with your progress.

Or maybe you are stuck in old patterns that won’t let go.

But you are ready for change and want to be in charge of your life!


Why would you need it?

To stop struggling and start living! Sometimes our self-defeating patterns are so subtle that it is only when we try something new we realise how stuck we are.

If you are getting caught in patterns of pain and sabotage on any level, physical, emotional or mental, and are at the point where you just want change then you are a perfect candidate for kinesiology. It will help you to shift out of the old and bring in new and vibrant energy to harness for the changes you want.


What will it do for you?

An individual consultation will help you to release issues, physical and emotional pain, and the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from creating what you want in your life. These sessions enable you to activate new energy to respond to relationships, learning opportunities and life challenges. You will feel connected to your Highest Self and be able to act from your authentic, true Self.

Private consultations can help adults or children:

  • Become confident and self-assured, finding the inner resources and resilience to feel empowered in your life.
  • Address the core issues that are creating stress and anxiety so you can learn to relax and just enjoy the moment!
  • Address unresolved grief or depression in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Replace negative behaviour patterns with more positive and proactive patterns enabling you to take control and create the life you want.
  • Relieve pain, including for chronic migraine sufferers and those with re-occurring back and neck pain.
  • Address immune disorders and fertility concerns, increasing your health and wellness.
  • Support the metabolism, helping you identify what foods you need for optimum health.
  • Resolve identity issues, including support in Coming Out.
  • Increase levels and skills in communication, including creating stronger spiritual connections.
  • Support in crisis situations, whether it is recent or past trauma.
  • Refocusing, especially for study or exams.


What will happen?

An initial session lasts 1½ hours and is usually complete within itself, however, most clients return from between 3 to 6 sessions to ensure long-lasting change.

A session will begin by discussing the issue/s. Once clarity is obtained we create an intention for positive change and use kinesiology to discover the most appropriate process to release the blocks to your transformation. Coaching and counselling are often a core part of the process, helping to identify tools and reframes that will empower you in back in your day to day world.

Kinesiology itself uses muscle checking as a simple biofeedback tool to move past what is already known to discover the underlying factors preventing you from achieving your goal.

I use processes from Educational and Transformational Kinesiology to release the blocks. These processes may be acupressure points, movements or bodywork, colour or sound therapy, affirmations or meditations. (For more about my journey with kinesiology or my training have a look here. )

You will leave with insights about yourself and your situation and a greater understanding of your life. Pain will be resolved; issues will have less emotional intensity and your life will feel more on track. You will feel relaxed and in charge of yourself, able to achieve your goals and to create the life you want to live.

Home support for change is provided. Often this is in the form of Vibrational Essences which offer gentle support for emotional change.

It can also be in the form of a few minutes of Brain Gym®, breathing exercises or meditation a day. Sometimes your home support will be to identify and use your existing skills and tools more effectively. Whatever it is, you will be initiating change from a very deep level and it will transform your life. 

If you would like to talk more about how kinesiology could help you call or text me on 0418 795 135 or email me.

Or click here if you are ready for change and book an in-person or on-line session