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Gay Landeta

Welcome to my page of free stuff!

On this page you will find free stuff from me plus tools and resources that I find useful or inspirational.

I invite you to look over the whole page – you may find something useful somewhere you least expect!


My Free E-Book 

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In part 1, Jump Into A New You, you will find the four essential keys to letting go of the old and in part 2, Grow your Business, Create your Life, you will learn the three stages of business growth and the  pitfalls that will stop your business – or your business to be – from fulfilling its potential.


My Free Class For Practitioners, Therapists and other Heart-Felt Consultants

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If you offer your heart-felt services to clients register here for my free 35-minute class, How To Get More Clients And Make More Money In Your Practice – While Remaining True To Yourself.  In it, I will teach you the 3 key strategies that my mentoring clients use every day to create stable and abundant businesses. There is nothing for sale but if you stay till the end there is a gift that you might like to grab.



And please don’t just download these and forget about them, take action to make the changes you want in your life! Grab a pen and paper, make notes and work through them. Nothing changes until we do something different!



Natural Disaster Relief

This service first went up in January 2011 after the flood here in Brisbane. As we have had many more floods, fires and other natural disasters here and overseas this has become part of my everyday service to support community. 

I offer free counselling and kinesiology services  for emotional / mental / physical balance during days I am in clinic. This is available to those who have directly experienced the trauma of loss OR for those who are suffering from the physical,  mental or emotional impact of volunteering.

I have also worked extensively and successfully with traumatized children so if you know of a scared or worried little one I would love to help them to move on joyfully.

Call me on 0418 795 135 to book – mention you are booking in for the probono services. I look forward to seeing you!

Terms and Conditions : This offer is for those who are suffering from the after effects of the recent natural disasters mentally / emotionally and physically. Sessions are not limited however if on-going therapy is required and not deemed flood related it will be continued at the discretion of the therapist. Other more appropriate services or options may be recommended.


In addition here are some links, resources and other support for those affected by natural disasters. If you know of any that can be added please email me on create@gaylandeta.com.au

  • The Red Cross has lots of useful information :
  • Here is a disaster web portal that you may find useful for emotional and psychological health – great place to check into if you are not sure if you or someone you love is coping :  It also has a good selection of self-help literature on dealing with disasters.


Other Stuff……

Access my past articles and eZines here. You will find article to help with  learning, personal growth, goal setting and business development.

Useful links:

For kids and families:

  • For really fun free stuff in the holidays try  Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Brisbane libraries offer so much to support families and children, fun stuff, educational and free tutoring. Give them a try!
  • Our Brisbane web portal is a great Brissie resource for both free and paid stuff
  • Looking for kid friendly food ideas? Try Taste.com
  • Kids’ Skills is a cooperative method for helping children overcome behavioral and emotional problems based on solution-focused psychology. I often use this in my practice with kids … look out for the 15 steps that give you all you need to get started and the sorry letter – great resources

Personal Development:

  • Cate Crombie offers fantastic programs in Brisbane in NVC – Non Violent Communication at  or for her latest course listing see www.MetaCommuniCate.com
  • Want inspirational email delivered directly to your virtual door? Try Tut or Daily Om or for inspirational wall paper, on-line meditation room and more have a look at  Daily Zen

Other neat stuff:

  • Offset your impact on the environment at Cool Planet and help our children’s future.
  • GIVIT is a web based community where people donate items and time to people in need.  They are a ‘targeted giving’ service who connects those that need with those that have. Sign up for the weekly newsletterhelp others.
  • help people in underdeveloped countries to create their own business at Kiva
  • and my favourite gifts come from Oxfam unwrapped