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Gay Landeta

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My Free E-Book 

Create the Life you Want to Live!Click here to sign up and receive my free eBook Create your Life.

In Part 1 : Jump Into A New You, find the four essential keys to letting go of the old and in Part 2 : Grow your Business, Create your Life, you will learn the about the three stages of business growth and the pitfalls that can stop your business – or your business to be – from fulfilling its potential.


Free On-line Training  

Click here to access A Little Help During Challenging Times’ – my  free 4 session / 30 day process to help you re-connect back to your peaceful core. Learn new tools and make major changes in this on-demand kinesiology process. Clients have variously used this to cope with anything and everything – even launching a new business!


Free quizz for Practitioners, Therapists and other Heart-Felt Consultants


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If you are a practitioner, therapist, coach or other heart-felt consultant then click here to access my quizz designed to help you explore where you are with the 5 essential foundations that are needed to create a successful business. 


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