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Gay Landeta

Welcome to my page of free stuff!


Below you will find links to my free ebook and practitioner class as well as to my free 30 day ‘a little help during challenging times‘ online workshop. There are also heaps of articles and helpful resources in my blog.

I am currently gathering all my resources into one central spot – my membership hub – you can sneak a peak here.  

My Free E-Book 

Create the Life you Want to Live!Click here to sign up and receive my free eBook Create your Life.

In Part 1 : Jump Into A New You, find the four essential keys to letting go of the old and in Part 2 : Grow your Business, Create your Life, you will learn the about the three stages of business growth and the pitfalls that can stop your business – or your business to be – from fulfilling its potential.


My Free On-line Training 

Click here to access A Little Help During Challenging Times’ – my  free 4 session / 30 day process to help you re-connect back to your peaceful core. Learn new tools and make major changes in this on-demand kinesiology process. Clients have variously used this to cope with anything and everything – even launching a new business!


My Free Class For Practitioners, Therapists and other Heart-Felt Consultants

heart felt marketing

Start marketing from your heart! FREE ON-LINE CLASS

If you are a practitioner, therapist, coach or other heart-felt consultant then you can register below for my free 35-minute class, How To Get More Clients And Make More Money In Your Practice – While Remaining True To Yourself.  In it, I will teach you the 3 key strategies that my mentoring clients use every day to create stable and abundant businesses. There is nothing for sale but if you stay till the end there is a gift that you might like to grab.



**** And please don’t just click and forget! **** You are here for a reason. Whatever you download take action now! Nothing changes until you learn something new AND take action to do something different!