Each month we have a New Moon, an opportunity to use the energy of growth with some New Moon Wishing. But we don’t have to wait for a new moon to do this. Often we have times in our life when we feel inspired to intentionally grab our lives and create the life we want to live.

These times of creation, our new beginnings, are a time to listen deeply before we commit to what we are choosing to manifest. This year, in particular, has brought many clients into the clinic ready to develop incredible manifesting statements. Some of these have been adjustments of past statements, others are ready to commit to paper what they want. Creating statements such as these helps us to intentionally align with our beautiful biggest dreams while we live fully in the present. We create the life we want to live while we love the life we are living. 

If you already have one of these, take this as a reminder to work with the energy of it – feel the truth of what you are manifesting in the present. These statements are less about manifesting ‘things’ – we are well aware of whether or not we have the car, the house, the job, the partner, etc, etc that we dream of. Those are all things we can create goals around and take steps toward – but spending too much time trying to manifest those will mean we can’t enjoy the present. In the end that leads to nothing but discontent. What I am speaking of here is of the almost magical leap to creating a life we want to live through intention acreate the life you want to livend gratitude. 

If you don’t have one of these intention-setting, loving your life statements yet and want to create one, there is no better time than now!

Grab some pens and paper (writing things down is always extremely powerful) and begin by thinking about what your ideal life would look like. Some of the things to look at include: how you would be spending your day, how many hours a week might you work, what your abundance might look like, how your health would be, what your energy would be like, and especially how grateful would you feel to be living such a life.

Don’t stress about how – just brainstorm and see what arrives from your subconscious. Suspend judgment of what is at the moment. This process is both similar to and different from doing a vision board or a written vision statement. In each, you are creating the life you want to live through a different process and each is perfect at the right time. 

You want to let yourself dream and choose, but the focus here is on the intangible. How would life feel if you had that big house or new car for example? Your perfect work? A loving partner? Happy kids? You want it to contain the sense of abundance rather than evidence of it. This way you can use it daily to ground into the life you want to be living, rather than as a visioning (and letting go) process.

Once you have your brainstorm you have the foundations of your statement. Start with something like “I am filled with joy and gratitude to be living my life filled with …. I love my days that I spend …. I am full of energy and vitality …. I do what I love …. Money flows to me … etc.

Make sure every sentence is in present tense (based in the now) and what you want in your life.

You will know it is right when you feel absolutely connected with the joy and gratitude it contains. There may be some discrepancies between it and your life – but they will feel like something you are ready to or already shifting.

These statements are a delightful thing to anchor to when big changes are afoot. They can help us stay aligned with our truth in a subtle but powerful way. And they help us make choices (conscious and subconscious) that are aligned with our biggest Self rather than our little comfort-loving ego.

if you are having trouble creating this feel free to get in touch to see if a session might be of help. Sometimes our present pain makes it impossible to see the bigger picture and a session can help us move forward.

The most important thing here though is to be gentle with yourself! If this isn’t feeling right for you then that’s perfect too! Perhaps you are in a gathering time, waiting for inspiration to come. If that is the case a vision board or some journaling may feel more in alignment with where you are. Or maybe you might just want to feel into the present and breathe. We each need to find our own truth in each moment and hold to that.

I wish you beautiful new beginnings whatever yours look like!

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