Online Life Coaching Courses

Mastering Life is my membership program helping you change your life from the comfort of your own home.

I love helping people connect with their unlimited potential and these life coaching programs share the same techniques that I have used with my clients for over 20 years, helping them create lives they love. 

Try them out, if you don’t like it after 2 weeks you get your money back in full – and we totally still stay friends. : )  The only risk is in not trying!

The Mastering Life Series offers 2 online life coaching courses to access at your own speed to help you to Create The Life You Want To Live:

  • Create Your Life, Dream, Plan and Unfold – will help you to unravel and create a life you love. A guided process of webinars and in person support from me plus accountability to help you become the Master of your own Life. 
  • Psychology of Peace is a 30 day Peace Challenge that will help you let go of old and limiting ways of thinking to find peace and calm everyday. Without this we cannot truly manifest the life we love. 

Programs include life-time membership, 1:1 sessions with me, accountability and support. The value is huge!

If you are looking for a more personalised 1:1 mentoring process have a look at The Ultimate Life Mastery Mentoring Program.

Ultimate Life Mastery Mentoring’ offers the ultimate in support through online training, personal consultations with me, phone and email support. To see if we are a good ‘fit’ you can book a no obligation connection call with me by choosing the ‘Quick Cuppa’ option here. 

Look forward to hearing from you! 

Here’s to magic and sharing your unlimited potential!

Gay Landeta Kinesiologist