Business & Marketing With Heart

As well as supporting people on their personal and professional journeys, I help heart-centred business owners create thriving businesses. 

My business clients want to live an inspired life, sharing work that makes a difference – but they are still struggling to live the work-life balance they dream of.

Are any of these sounding like you?

  • Your work is a source of joy but not yet an abundant source of income.
  • You are sooooo ready to wake up each morning feeling confident instead of worried about paying the rent.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed, you are doing everything you can but your business is still not thriving. 
  • You are fed-up with the chaos. You know you need some systems or something to make everything work more easily. 
  • It seems every time you are on track something happens and you are back at square one.
  • You are secretly wondering if you would be better off to just give up and go back to a job. 

But mostly, right now you are feeling frustrated because you know your business is just not working the way you need it to!

If this is resonating with you there is a good chance that the problem your business is facing is that it is missing one or more of the essential five foundations.

These 5 foundations are needed for a stable and sustainable business; everyone has skills in some of these elements, but without solid skills in all 5, a business will never reach its potential. 

We tend to avoid areas we are not skilled in – and that leaves gaping holes which prevents our business from reaching its potential. Not to mention the stuff we don’t even know we are missing! 

The work I share fills those gaps.dMarketing with Heart … if this is resonating, find out more about my on-line program for Practitioners, Therapists and consultants here. 

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The world needs more people doing great work, take action now to build your dream!


about me…

…. As well as being a practitioner myself, I have been mentoring business clients since 2008 – read on for some practitioner case studies – or click here to find out more about what people are saying about my Practitioner specific program The Confident Practitioner Formula.

Susi : Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Susi had finished her training and had started her practice in 2014, built her website and opened the space in her home for clients. She had seen a client or two but despite her best efforts she was not getting any traction. She worked full time in a demanding position which she enjoyed but dreamed of leaving and instead making a good living out of her heart work. Long term, she wanted the freedom to travel and to work from anywhere.

What we did : She decided to join The Confident Practitioner Formula in May 2018. She loved it from the start and felt it was answering all the questions she didn’t know she had, as well as giving her the personal growth she needed to own and market herself and her work.
Towards the end of 2018 she received a big promotion at work. While it was very tempting, she had done the visioning work within the program deeply enough to know that her big dream was her clinic. However she also knew it was a great opportunity – so rather than choosing one or the other she stayed committed to her dream, but continued to turn up and be accountable in CPF.

She finished rewriting her website and getting her marketing in order in her very limited spare time and finally published her new website in 2020 and since then her work has taken off.

“It has been a blockbuster year for me in my business. First I reached my goal of 5 new clients in April 2021 and then in the middle of July 2021 I hit 13. I always said I would resign from my job if I hit 10 and my last day at work was 18 August 2021. Since then I’ve been bobbing between 12 and 16 while I scramble to do the inner work and professional development to be able to hold it all. Things are feeling much more settled now as we head towards the holidays, and I’m thinking about my plans for the business in 2022.”

Susi is an inspiration of keeping on keeping on – and the CPF program gave her the tools not only to create a thriving practice she loves but also the tools to help her to keep on holding on to her dream and taking the action needed to make it happen.

Kirsty : Fertility Acupuncture : had taken time off to have a baby and was having trouble re-establishing her musculo-skeletal massage and acupuncture practice. She needed to re-engineer her work to provide the primary income for her family. She was down, at times, to 2 to 3 clients a week and averaged 8. She really needed 20 a week to create the life she wanted.

What we did : As she started to clarify her goals and her direction we re-oriented her niche towards her primary personal interest area of fertility. We explored and improved her business and marketing beliefs, clarified the way she spoke and wrote about her work and developed a marketing plan based on a web presence. Within 6 months she was easily achieving her goal of 20 clients a week. She launched her new website early in 2010 and, with her new clarity about what she offered and how she wrote about it, immediately came to the notice of a Brisbane inner city magazine B-Mag, who profiled her work, jumpstarting major success in 2010.

Five years later she had achieved both the short and long term goals created in the beginning of her program including having 2 lovely children, a beautiful home in the inner city area and a busy acupuncture clinic with room for other therapists – in fact I moved my clinic there after my tree-change in 2016. 
Kirsty now employs several acupuncturists to help her manage her client load and receptionists to make bookings. Her expertise is well respected in Brisbane and she is considered an authority in her area, often being called upon to speak on panels or at events. She continues to dream big!

Chris Wildeboer :  Complimentary Therapy (Rekindled Ancient Wisdom). While she had been in business officially for a year, she had been operating her clinic as a hobby for years. Her home clinic had peaked at 10 clients a week but had dwindled to 1 or none most weeks. Chris did not have a business plan but wanted to give up her part time job and devote all her energy to her clinic. To do that she had to learn how to charge for her work so she could replace that income. She needed to extend her clientele beyond friends and friends of friends, learn how to reach her target market and how to market herself while keeping the original intention of the work she did.

What we did : Created a visionary business plan to see her, in 12 months time, in her own space and able to leave her part time admin job. She learnt how to develop the systems she needed and how to translate her work so she could talk about what she did in a grounded and accessible way. I helped her to connect to her marketing gift, networking, and then we developed major strategies around using it effectively to create her goals. As her work became more clear, the goals became achievable and her confidence grew.

Eight months after starting the program she left her part time job having achieved her income goals and a few months later moved into the new premises of Balance Central. Now, several years later, she is recognised as one Brisbane’s ‘Networking Queens’ and is a well respected member of the local networking groups and social media. She has continued to expand her business, publishing her first book, creating advanced programs and income streams and becoming a sought after public speaker. She now consults internationally, but still uses her original marketing language and training as she goes from strength to strength.

Rod : Japanese Acupuncture.  Rod had a successful PT business for 8 years built on referrals, which meant never having to market or promote his business. When he stopped Personal Training to focus on acupuncture full time he stopped getting new clients. He needed clarity with direction, in particular whether to specialise in infertility (a solid acupuncture niche) or to focus on general practice and musculoskeletal work. He recognised he had blocks to being known and building a presence in the acupuncture world.

What we did: Clarified his goals and his target market, adjusting systems to suit the way he worked to ensure he achieved his client numbers and financial goals. We developed marketing materials and a marketing approach that suited him. By the end of the program he was clear about the number of clients he needed to see a week and was creating those spaces and filling them. Rod happily operated his acupuncture clinic for years, filling bookings and doing the work he loved. Rod went on to study Osteopathy which he continues to do to this day. His marketing language from then was so authentic that he is still using his original website and wording even now.

Bree : Hypnotherapy. Was planning a major geographical move for her clinic and needed to re-brand herself into a new niche market. She had a 12 month window in which she needed to create the same income that her full time job had provided. She wanted to understand the process of marketing and needed to develop all new marketing materials to suit her new focus.

What we did: During the program Bree defined her new niche, developed materials and created products to sell on iTunes. She learnt how to write and talk about her work so she could develop the marketing materials she needed. She developed a marketing action plan and developed a busy professional practice in her new area. She did not have to go back to her old full time job.

Bree went on to study again and relaunched herself as a tantric coach building a whole new successful practice. 

Peter :  Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine; Natural Fertility.  Peter had been in business full time since 2005 and had a mind map for his business but no formal business plan. His major issues were Managing growth vs. Longevity in the business and Avoiding burnout (something he recognised as a personal issue) vs. Finding a niche that will continue to support his enthusiasm.

What we did : Clarified his direction, his target market and the systems required to take his business forward to achieve his goals. He learnt how to speak and write in a way that reached his market, he re-wrote his website and developed a marketing plan that worked to his strengths to ensure long term viability. At the end of the program he happily reported that his major concern, the ups and downs in his bookings had now stabilised and he was now easily achieving his client numbers and subsequently his financial goals. More importantly he was now confident he could continue to develop the business in a way that fulfilled his own need for business and intellectual growth and avoided burnout.

Peter continued to use the strategies he learnt to grow from success to success. He retired from practice in 2022 after many years of successful practice.