How I Work

Brisbane based kinesiology, personal development and business coaching services to help you… create the life you want to live!

What kind of results can you achieve with me? It depends on your goals and how much time and energy you are ready to invest, however on this page I’ll share with you the potential results you can achieve. I will also give you a sense of my values and philosophy, my approach and how I am different from other people you may work with.

Potential results from working with me:

You will find more peace, more acceptance and more appreciation of how we create our own pain. You will be able to let go of the old and replace it with a more positive way of being. You will find a balance between your personal and your highest Will.

You will break old patterns and start approaching challenging situations from a sense of personal empowerment. Your ability to communicate will improve, your self confidence will increase and you will feel more in charge of your life.

You will improve your ability to learn easily and effectively. You will develop strong, stable physiological building blocks which are essential to learning more easily and approaching both life and academic tasks with confidence. You will gain understanding about your individual learning style and how to approach learning to achieve your own personal best.

Your physical, mental and emotional states will feel in alignment. You will feel stronger, gain clarity and direction and feel confident about your ability to respond. You will have belief in yourself, your own abilities and become more able to cope with the ups and downs of life.

As you become more aligned with your highest self you will feel an inner strength and knowing. You will confidently rely on your integrity, your authenticity and your intuition to make important life choices.

Your goals will become achievable. You will recognise the steps that need to be taken, be able to make clear choices and decisions and take the required action to create the results you want.

And, if your goals include your business you will have the know-how to create a thriving business so you can live your life doing what you love.

You will create abundance, joy and possibilities in your life you did not expect, you will create the life you want to live.

My values and philosophy:

Authenticity – to live from the heart : As we connect to our core essence, our authentic Self, we see more clearly, take more responsibility for our actions and are able to listen and live from our highest self.

Balance – to create and achieve our goals : Joy, laughter and playfulness are the essence of creativity and life. Once we combine these with the ability to make responsible choices and take decisive action we can access and express our fullest potential.

Acceptance – to find peace and clarity : As we accept our own and others unique self, the light and the dark and the shades in between, the space for peace is created in our life. Once we have peace, clarity will emerge and with it the strength to make responsible and empowered decisions in our life.

Honour and Commitment – to unlock the wisdom within : Each person has their own individual gifts and processes. It is the process of honouring our own unique talents, abilities and choices and by commitment to our truth that we access our own wisdom and that wisdom will enable us to be on purpose and to create the life we were born to live.

“When you are looking at changing an aspect of your life you really need someone you can respect, someone down to earth and someone excited and receptive to your needs and challenges. These are all qualities I experience and appreciate in our sessions. – Celeste

My Approach:

Gay Landeta Each person is an individual and exceptional being and has their unique needs and wisdom. I work closely with each person helping them develop and achieve their goals and use processes that guarantee immediate results.

I offer services that address a wide variety of issues, however I always approach each person with the same attitude: “What will support this client to achieve their goals and find fulfilment in their life. What is going to help this client be more congruent, happy and at peace? How can I help them reconnect to their authentic, creative and wonderful self so they can express themselves and create the life they want to live?”

What makes my work unique?

With so many choices and so many people to work with why work with me? I approach each person in a way that combines compassion and humour with a broad range of highly effective change management tools, counselling skills and kinesiology.

This, together with the wisdom achieved through working with individuals for over 25 years and my dedication to supporting my client to find their highest truth means that my clients receive fast and effective results much more easily than they thought possible. They not only gain the results they are looking for but also unlock the wisdom to create their own positive changes long after our work is done.

“Got up the courage to go to the dentist last week – didn’t use any valium….  Guess what – I’m going again tomorrow for a clean – my sister looked at me as if I had lost my mind.  We have too many rotten memories of dentist visits when we were young.  Anyway, am ploughing ahead with dealing with things – and Bill has also been taking his essences, so that is great.” Laraine

Why Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, which bypasses the logical mind, is a core element in my work. Kinesiology uses muscle checking as a type of bio-feedback tool to determine the core issues preventing growth.

Too often we spend time analysing issues and trying to sort out problems that are only hiding the true challenge. Once the underlying issues are addressed and stressors released transformational life changes become possible. Click here to find out more about kinesiology or to find out more about my training and kinesiology journey click herekinesiology

“Kinesiology has surprised me in a very positive way. The nature of kinesiology requires a high level of trust in the process and therapist.

Working with Gay has ensured that level of trust, and has been very enlightening, assisting me to address some core issues. Her style and approach has created a very comfortable, supportive and safe environment, which further enhances the therapy. Gay has a good sense of humour, which I appreciate, as it can help to laugh at some of the ‘strange’ techniques that kinesiology draws from – again reinforcing the safety and trust in the process.

I have recommended Gay to friends, who have also been very positively impacted through working with her – and will continue to recommend her in the future.” Alison


I educate people to understand their own behaviour patterns, how to spot and how to stop them.

I help them learn new tools to help themselves in the future. My clients learn to trust themselves and know their right path and how to follow through on it. This is a crucial element of self-determination and helps my clients continue their growth long after our work is done.

“I just wanted to thank you for an excellent session last week. We worked on my focus, releasing creativity and emotional healing. And I must say that the results have been immediate and numerous. Not only do I feel more inspired and purposeful day to day, I have had an excellent job interview for a casual position and I found the courage to hand in my notice of resignation at my current part time job which was making me rather unhappy.

By handing in my resignation without having a certain alternative I was sending a very strong message to my employer and also challenging myself to get into gear and start living off my freelance stuff! And you know what – the next day I had a chat to the two producers I do freelance work for and asked them if they would be interested in developing my documentary ideas with me and applying for development funding. They were both thrilled with the prospect! And one of them, told me that he needed a full time assistant and would love for me to do more work with him!

So it looks like my freelance work is going to be stable indeed. Now I am reconsidering my decision to go to university next year because my work opportunities are looking very abundant – I am spoiled by choice really! My whole perspective has changed with regards to my creative work; instead of looking at something and going ‘oh I could never do that. That would never work’ I think ‘What do I need to do to achieve this and who can help me?’ ” Amelia


I am also committed to my own personal and professional development, benefitting both me and my clients…. 

I travel nationally and internationally to challenge myself and further develop my skills. Through this commitment, I have developed a deep compassion for the individual’s struggle and an absolute commitment to the process of change. This means that I can and do hold the space for the major breakthroughs that enable my clients to create the life they want to live.

“I know I will never outgrow you. Every time you learn new skills, eg TK 6/7 we use them in a session. That gives me great confidence in your skills and approach. I know you are committed to supporting me through challenges & issues and will have the tools to deal with whatever comes up, now or in the future. Not everyone I have worked with can make this claim.” Tanja


Now that you have a better idea about my approach and philosophy and the results you can expect go to My Services page to learn about the specific services and programs you can access to start creating the life you want to live.

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