Having a mentor who is a skilled kinesiologist means you really can create the life you want to live …

Why a mentor?

Because an experienced mentor will help you get clear about what you want – and kinesiology is the magic that gets rid of the blocks to making that happen. 

Since 1996 I have been working with people who are ready to transform their lives. My clients are seekers, looking for innovative ways to access and express their true self.

Life gets complicated, expected pathways become uncertain or even unobtainable – when that happens it’s time to create something different.

It is time to let go of limiting patterns, re-align your energy and find new ways to Create The Life You Want To Live!  
Gay Landeta - Mentor

I am absolutely passionate about helping people connect with their authentic self and create the life they truly love.

I mentor through one to one consultation in person or on line, uniquely empowering my clients with:

  • Practical tools to take charge 
  • Transformative processes to change the way you think and do things
  • And a metaphysical perspective to live more joyfully in the present.

As a kinesiologist, coach and counsellor, my services holistically support the mind, body and spirit during times of change.

I help you to clear the blocks and create the breakthroughs you need to lean into life and love it! 

Have a look around my website for detailed information about how you can transform your life.  To learn more about who I work with and the issues my clients face click here.

Why have a mentor? Because we all need someone outside of ourselves to help us see what is holding us back.

An external perspective opens the space for new choices and opportunities. Whether you are looking for a ‘flash mentoring’ session (a one off session) or a longer term relationship to explore and transform your life,

I promise you that once kinesiology is combined then you really can access all you can be!

Experience the difference a mentor can make – download your free e-book now or click here to find out more about who I work with … 

Create the Life you Want to Live!You can get started now by signing up here for my FREE eBook Create your Life and learn the 4 keys to letting go and Creating The Life You Want To Live. Or if you know this is for you click here to book a session!

If you are a business owner, Part 2 Grow your Business, Create your Life, will show you the three stages of business growth and the pitfalls that prevent a business from fulfilling its potential.

I rarely make time to read things I download, I’m just too busy.  I knew right away when I downloaded ‘Create Your Life’ that it was something special. I was anxious to share with Gay that it literally changed my life.  I felt like it had been written just for me. So moved, motivated and focused after reading ‘Create your Life’. Thank you Gay.  To everyone else, download and dive in – you’ll be so glad you did!”  – Jennifer Horowitz, Huntington Beach, CA, USA

And …. especially for Practitioners who want to have a reliable and abundant practice …. 


If you are a Practitioner, Therapist or heart-centred consultant supporting you is truly a passion! Register here for my FREE 35-minute class where you can learn how to get more clients and make more money in your practice – while remaining true to yourself.

(And please don’t just click on these links, grab a pen and paper and do the work. It won’t take long and taking that time will start your process of transformation. Remember that nothing can change until you take some action!)

Hi Gay,

Your Confident Practitioner Formula has provided us with a clear, easily digestible frame work for creating our business and developing our marketing campaign. Each step is broken down into useable chunks that we can absorb. Your mentoring and feedback along the way has been superb.

We would have been completely lost with out your guidance and I doubt if we would ever get our business up and running without your help

Thanks so much for all your help and wisdom,

Martin Carson, Kinesiologist 

And a few more comments from clients. You can read more dotted around my website, on my success stories page or in my blog under case studies.

“Thanks so much for your wonderful work that you did for me. I have made amazing progress in the two short times I was with you.  Today I feel as though the weight of the world has lifted from me.”  Karen, Photographer

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great session on Monday. I am able to change how I view the world. A few mishaps occurred during the week and instead of taking the “woe is me” approach I took a more positive approach and it felt great. Doing brain gym before my visualisations has also made a great difference. Thanks.” Ann-Maree, Trainer

“I think coming and seeing you changed my life as I was able to grow and learn to accept things that had happened to me.” Simone, RN

“I have 30 clients booked over the next 2 1/2 days!! Thanks to you no doubt!!” Kirsty, Acupuncturist