If you are ready stop living a ‘half-life’ and start dreaming again then it is time to take control from the inside out.  


I work with people who are ready to be a better version of themselves but are feeling stuck or incapable of knowing what to do…
I help them connect to their truth, to become who they dream to be and to create a life they love.

Many people aspire to step into their highest potential – but after dealing with the daily minutiae of life this longing can easily become lost. 

And then work, relationships and even our health can start to pay the price as we end up just doing what needs to be done, with all that potential just out of reach.

We can end up feeling depressed and anxious – drained of our energy and motivation instead of harnessing it and stepping up to what could be. The loss of self-love and damage to our self-esteem can undermine our courage so much that we abandon our dreams of a better life altogether.

it doesnt have to be this way! 

Hi, My name is Gay Landeta. I have supported thousands of people and business owners to step into the the potential that they knew lay hidden within. As they become more and more aligned who they truly are, they move beyond the physical, mental and emotional blocks that had been holding them back, sometimes for years.

With a unique combination of down-to-earth training and strategy building, together with consciousness-raising, heart-healing energy work and kinesiology, I will gently guide your transformation to becoming the person you dream of being, living a life you love.

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Online Programs

Life Mastery is my online mentoring program, offering combinations of on-line learning and 1:1 mentoring to fit your lifestyle, it will help you to transform your life from the inside out.

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Create Your Life
Dream, Plan and Unfold

Our brain’s natural neuro-plasticity will keep us stuck or help us transform – but we need to choose. If you know your time is now, you can learn to harness it and create the life YOU want to live

The Psychology of Peace
Peace Challenge

Tired of the drama? Old habits will keep us struggling until we create learn a better way. Imagine thinking, feeling and interacting in a new way that feels congruent with your authentic self… It is possible!

“I am absolutely passionate about helping people connect with their authentic self and create the life they truly love.”

~ Gay Landeta

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Understanding the 4 keys to letting go is the first step to Create The Life You Want To Live. Bonuses include a section for the growth oriented conscious business owner.

Free 40 Minute Class For Practitioners

Attention Practitioners & Therapists – are you struggling to build a reliable & abundant practice? Learn how to get more clients and make more money while remaining true to yourself.

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