Psychology Of Peace On-Line

….imagine changing the negative beliefs that are stopping you from having the relationships you desire.

….imagine creating a healthy, happy relationship with yourself as well as with others.

…imagine knowing how to think, feel and interact with others in a way that feels heart-felt and congruent with your authentic self, instead of reacting from old habits. 

There is little more soul destroying that the conflict and pain we feel when we are trying to be our best but old patterns and thought processes get in the way. We need to be able to  interact with life as it is in the moment – not from our deeply engrained habits.

Yes, we can practice releasing the past to open the space for change – but an essential part of positive change is knowing what to replace those less than useful patterns with!

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be – Wayne W Dyer

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The Psychology of Peace On-Line Program:


The Peace Challenge will take you through the traps that hold you back from feeling empowered and in charge of your life. These traps keep you caught in past conditioning and unable to see the present. This On-Line training will help you recognise those traps and learn how to respond in a new and more peaceful way. 


It will help you ….

  • Let go of guilt and blame together with the resentment and bitterness they generate and enjoy time with friends and family again. 
  • Learn how to say no and create healthy physical, mental, emotional and energetic boundaries so you have more space for you in your life.
  • Harness the power of choice and know how to use language to create the life you want to live.
  • Know how to get exactly what you want – not something kind of OK – maybe….
  • Understand the three things you must do to create real change in your life.
  • Take real action and keep stepping forward towards your dreams even when it all goes wrong.
  • Make mindfulness or meditation a part of your life simply and easily by building in pockets of peace when it suits you.
  • Learn how cultivating Inner Leadership will transform your life.

As you watch each webinar and process the contents you will start to change the way you think and do things. 

You will begin to identify and naturally let go of patterns you no longer need – and as you do that subconscious triggers and traps lose their hold on you. You stop reacting and start responding.

Your brain will start to re-pattern itself as it finds the peace of your new, less hindered existence. 

And the limitations on your potential will start to fall away.

The future depends on what we do in the present.” –Mahatma Gandhi

This is an ideal way to fast track yourself through a personal growth process.

Bob Proctor of the ‘Secret’ says the only way to manifest beyond our current experience is to create deep changes in our subconscious – and that we can only do this through repetition. This program directs you through a process of repetition that will help you identify and change deep-seated habits.

In addition to lifetime access to this training you will receive 5 short guided meditations to download to access anytime to support the changes you are making. And as your access to this program is lifetime you can continue to build on your expanding reality anytime, building a stronger and healthier you

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BTW, I have had nothing but great feedback from people in this challenge but not everything suits everyone so there is a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it in ANYWAY I will refund your money and we totally remain friends!

So there is no risk – except the risk of not changing.  



Gay Landeta Kinesiologist