Kinesiology, coaching and counselling

Kinesiology, coaching and counselling for personal and professional
development in Brisbane and on-line.


My passion is helping my clients develop the tools, learn new strategies and transform the way they think and do things, so they can embrace their very best self and create the life they want to live.


Whether you engage in my 1:1 consultations or my on-line programs, everything includes the magic of kinesiology to help you make your breakthroughs with ease :kinesiology magic




Learn Smart Program (for students of all ages) to support the process of learning.


Kinesiology Sessions  the simple way to transform your life.


The Ultimate Life Mastery Mentoring Program  to create the life you truly want to live!


Marketing and Business Mentoring  supporting practitioners, therapists and heart-centred purpose-fuelled consultants to create a thriving business doing what they love.


Below is a short summary of each service, click through to find out more and how it could help you.


If you aren’t sure what you need just book in an initial session to get started. 

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Learn Smart Program


This program is for the learner of any age, improving listening and reading skills, writing and comprehension, coordination and co-operation.
 Both children and adults emerge from this program with the ability to engage more confidently and competently in learning.


Brain Gym


Running in-person from Herston, InnerBrisbane or on-line via Zoom this program is tailored to fit the individual learner or the whole family.


“I got my results back – two six’s and a seven and a satisfactory for my prac, so I think I have made the dean’s honours list again. I sincerely believe I did not deserve my grades and wonder if a mistake has been made, but will keep quiet 🙂 I want to thank you for all the help you have given me. If there is someone who deserves the credit for my turn around it is you and your kinesiology. Thankyou.” Stuart, student


“In my work with children at Kumon I am able to identify that some children have difficulty learning. I have referred a number of these children to Gay and I find that within a few sessions they are motivated to learn and apply themselves. And importantly they have developed skills which enable them to improve their learning on an ongoing basis.” Gay, Kumon Instructor


Click here to learn more about the Learn Smart Program.


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Kinesiology Sessions


Kinesiology sessions are the perfect way to create clarity and remove blocks to find balance in your body, mind and spirit.


While sessions are usually 1:1, group sessions are available so you can include the important people in your life; your spouse, your partner or your children.


Not only useful in private life, these sessions can also be successfully incorporated into a business or organisational setting to support the staff or even to be applied directly to the business itself!




These are facilitated in my clinic in Brisbane or Tenterfield, via Zoom or on-site by arrangement.


After hours appointments are available.


“This intuitive method of advanced kinesiology helped me tackle anxieties about an important professional step I needed to accomplish. In just two sessions over three weeks, I felt a pivotal transformation in becoming more aware of my self-defeating habits. This seems to have happened without even having to think about it, and really helped me on my path.” Sasha, Community Development Manager


“As a provider of holistic education, we have been lucky enough to have Gay work with our education and administration team. We have found great success in our organisation by utilising Brain Gym® exercises and balances.” Paul, Director


Click here to learn more about kinesiology sessions.


(Or click here for kinesiology faqs.)


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Ultimate Life Mastery Mentoring Program


There are times when you need to re-create your life, figure out who you are, sort out priorities and make decisions and take action. At these times having someone at your side can make the difference to success or stagnation.


Having someone to help you open to new possibilities, find goals that make your heart sing and support you in creating them. Someone who will support you in the process of change and hold you accountable for what needs to be done.


This program is a commitment to yourself and your best life.


life mastery


“Working with Gay has been exciting, and wonderful. Gay has a commitment to assisting others towards their own path, I have observed this in the past, so I felt fortunate to have Gay as a life coach. Her perception and understanding has helped me to uncover my truths and beliefs and pave the way for new goals. Gay is eager to listen and support and her genuine enthusiasm is encouraging. She has given me understanding and showed me new possibilities and solutions. I thank you for showing me a new way forward.” Michelle 


“I have truly enjoyed working with Gay Landeta. With Gay’s help I have gained insight into my own limiting beliefs and behaviours and how I can clear the way to let my own self shine through. Gay has also helped me to see the need for greater clarity on indentifying my values and goals and while I am still working on this, I have made great progress. I would highly recommend Gay to anyone seeking to live the life they had always imagined but never dared to try. ” Silvana


Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Life Mastery Program. 


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Marketing and Business Mentoring 


I understand how hard it can be to market a service or yourself and your business in a way that is congruent with who you are.

I also understand that traditional business and marketing paradigms don’t work for everyone. (It certainly never worked for me!) I work with practitioners and other creative, alternate thinkers who want to create a successful business or build their already successful business to a new level. To find out more register for my free 40-minute online class especially for practitioners here or just get in touch.  

letting go


“I’m not sure I told you in our last session but my appointments are and have been pretty much booked solid since our 5th call on Friday 13/11. So, the work I am doing with you is definitely working for me! (you may quote me on this!) No matter how it looks, or whether I am doing my HomePlay or not, or even whether I feel good about myself in relation to the marketing course or not, it would seem. And, of course, I am good at what I do, and I have done this before, but in the past I have not been able to sustain it by myself at this level. Next week I have my blow out, no holds barred, maximum bookings of 24 clients! BettJoy, Psychologist



“The most valuable part of doing the Fast Track work with Gay specifically, is the way that she incorporates the use of Kinesiology and other methods to help me through ‘blocks’ and belief systems that had me stuck in a situation where I thought that actively selling what I do was inappropriate and I couldn’t possibly be effective at marketing myself. By engaging in the course I have gained a formal structure to use in attaining my goals. The mentoring has given me accountability, timeframes to work towards and renewed interest in aspects other than the practical side of my Acupuncture work. Since starting the Fast Track work with Gay I feel that I have been given greater control over where my business is headed. I can now see the importance and relevance of marketing for the steady growth of my business and also the securing of loyalty with current clientele. Priceless.” Angela, Acupuncturist


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