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In September of 2017, after nearly 10 years of successful one-to-one business mentoring, I combining everything that contributed to the success my clients were achieving – the business training, the marketing coaching, the mindset work, the kinesiology processes and the accountability – and launched my signature program The Confident Practitioner Formula.

Here are some words and letters from my students…. (Other feedback and testimonials can be found around my site, on my Facebook Page and in my Linked-in Profile.)

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…. I love the breadth and depth of the course – its so much more than marketing – and with Gay’s beautiful and gentle guidance…. I liked the way I was treated as an individual who is important and as a professional. I also really liked the friendly atmosphere …. love the group calls where we can also learn so much from others experiences as well. The learning platform is easy to navigate with a wealth of information to help me further my business goals…. I love your enthusiasm, constant support, always willing to answer questions. The constant supply of up to date marketing information… I like that I can dip in and out as needed and that I can always count on Gay (and the rest of the CPF crew) for support and excellent advice!…  Your incredible energy and support provided during and after the course … Thorough, Extensive, Challenging, Encouraging, I can clearly see if done properly how wonderful the result is! … THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! The way you work is really inspiring! 

“Before working with Gay, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to continue with my hypnobirthing business. I simply wasn’t booking enough clients.

I was disappointed as I love teaching the Hypnobirthing Australia program and I very much believe in empowering couples through education and preparation. I was also frustrated as I felt like I had tried everything and nothing had worked…online small business classes, social media workshops, outsourcing to SEO experts…despite putting in a huge amount of money, time, and effort I was not seeing the ongoing success that I wanted.

After working with Gay, I now consistently book six couples per class (and have had as many as eight couples in a class). I feel confident that I know how to speak to my ideal client and that I can match up their needs with what I offer.

I also feel relieved as I feel like my work on my business is done…I am finally happy with my website and my marketing strategy. This is huge as I feel like I have more time and energy to devote to my clients. I feel like I have the time and the space to develop new offerings to further support my clients and I know that when the time comes to market these new offerings, I have the skills I need to get them out there and seen by the ideal people!”

Caitlin Dyer, Hypnobirth Instructor and Doula 

web : Mother Down Under

“Honestly Gay I think your program is really great! I would not know what to suggest to improve it because I don’t think you can find anything comparable! You are always available for us, the information is always relevant and you are always on the point with everyone and regarding any issue! I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone interested not only to grow her business but to grow as a practitioner and as a person!”
Vittoria Tosi 
web : Vittoria Tosi – Balance Your Life 

“Even though I had run our large family business and had studied marketing in my uni degree I could not believe how much my copy writing skills developed. My marketing has gone to a whole new level, thank you so much, it has been amazing.”

Kate Kahn, Kinesiologist and Life Coach. 

web : Yugen Kinesiology

“Dear Gay,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how incredibly valuable I’m finding your Confident Practitioner Program.

Once I’d finished my studies in Counselling and then obtained my Masters in Sandplay Therapy, all people kept saying is that clients just “came” to them (almost as if by magic) and word of mouth just built there practices up.I was so excited to hear that and felt sure that it would happen like that for me. I soon discovered that good practices do not just happen. This led to many feelings of despair and fear as I just didn’t know the first thing about being seen and building a counselling practice.

From the very first contact with you I started to feel as though I had a real opportunity to live my dream of being a counsellor with a healthy practice.Your Confident Practitioner program breaks down every single aspect of creating a terrific business into manageable and clear pieces.

As well as practical information regarding marketing, budgeting, cashflow and branding, you also cover very important issues such as personal fears and road blocks, creating a positive mindset, setting and working towards goals and being absolutely clear on what I offer and what I want to create for myself.

I find your online modules easy to understand and your instructions for successful completion of each module clear and achievable.

All this as well as our regular live Q & A sessions where I can connect with others who are in your program and our private Facebook page. I never feel alone and adrift as there is always support.

You really have a complete grasp on what we need to know and what we need to work on to reach our goals. The days of floundering due to feeling overwhelmed are a thing of the past for me, and it’s all due to your program.

I haven’t completed all your modules and I already feel more knowledgeable and capable of achieving my goals.

Thank you so much Gay. I really could NOT have done this without you.

Kind regards, Lily”

Lily Havakis, Sand Play Therapist 

web : Peaceful Hearts Wholistic Counselling

“I Joined the Confident Practitioner Program so that I could market with heart and transform my business.  However the program was SO much more than that, over the journey my life changed direction and it was more about surrendering to the process rather than trying to control the outcomes. The marketing language that Gay shares within the program is a valuable life skill which shows you how to market with heart and reach your prefect clients.

Thanks once again Gay”

Lucinda Jays

“I started the Confident Practitioner Program earlier this year after hitting the lowest point in my career. I am a practicing herbalist/nutritionist/energy healer for nearly 20 years and I needed to change the way I approached my business. I had 2 children in that time so my focus had been on them for the last 10 years. This year it was time for me to focus on what I wanted to achieve.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past 20 years…when I started there was no email or social media so it was a completely different ball game. CPF helped me to get really specific about my ‘ideal client’ and use the marketing tools to attract them to me.

The practical advice and information in the modules was exceptional, but the personal growth I experienced was what I value most. To be really clear about why I am doing this work, what I want to gain from my business and having a BIG VISION to work towards…has meant I am a totally transformed practitioner and person.

I highly recommend this program to you – whether you are a new practitioner or have been working for years…to be really clear about what you want, be given the tools to get there and to watch it unfold….it is a truly brilliant process.

Thank-you Gay – I will be forever grateful.”

Jane Ainsworth, Naturopath and Wholistic Healer 

web : Jane Ainsworth

“I thought I knew enough about marketing and small business to make a success on my own, but I didn’t!

My belief of “If I build it, they will come” was both naïve and ineffective.Gay’s programme has shown me how to work out who ‘they’ are, what do I need to build that ‘they’ need and most importantly how to let my ideal people know I’ve built it, why ‘they’ need it and should come:) All without using catchy kitch inauthentic phrases but instead really understanding what I offer and why, and therefore; who will benefit the most from my offering.Can’t recommend her highly enough. Approachable, personal service, responsive and really gets to know you and your business. Also the cohort on the calls and Facebook group is really supportive and engaged as well.

Thank you Gay.”

Fiona D Speedie, Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator

web : Fiona D Speedie

“Dear Gay,

As you know, I have only completed the first 3 modules of your 8 week program, Confident Practitioner Formula, but already I feel it has been worth the price of admission.The mindset work you provide in those first few modules has been the missing part of my foundation.

Last year, in supervision I worked on mindset to become ‘practice ready’ but the work I did with my supervisor was nowhere near as effective.What works so well for me is not only the content, but also the format.

I appreciate that I have the chance to interact with you on Facebook or email one on one, but also in our live Zoom meetings once a week with the other practitioners in the group who are on this journey. Witnessing their successes (eg L.C. 3 clients in 3 days) and observing the way they are putting their marketing materials together has been a real inspiration and I am moving forward now with much greater confidence.

I feel sure there would be many other Provisional PACFA members at the same practice building stage as I am who would benefit significantly from this program. I wonder if you have considered approaching PACFA to have it included on their roster of professional development events with associated PD points?

Warmly, Susi”

Susan West Moreau, Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist
web : Susi West
BTW, Susi went full time in her practice in August 2021 commenting in part “
I really believe your program, along with the inner work I’ve been doing, are the keys to the success I’ve had this year. Very grateful to you!” 

“Hi Gay,

Thanks so much for your mentoring.

Your Create program has provided us with a clear, easily digestible frame work for creating our business and developing our marketing campaign. Each step is broken down in to useable chunks that we can absorb.

Your mentoring and feedback along the way has been superb.We would have been completely lost with out your guidance and I doubt if we would ever get our business up and running without your help.

Thanks so much for all your help and wisdom. Martin”

Martin Carson, Kinesiologist 

web : Martin Carson Kinesiologist

“I began in Gay Landeta’s Confident Practitioners Program at the end of 2017. I have found Gay’s support and guidance and teaching invaluable in how to grow and develop my Kinesiology practice further.

Gay’s specific and personalised guidance enabled my trust and openness, so I could learn and grow in a trustworthy and professional setting.With weekly group on-line webinars and the Facebook group specifically for questions and answers, and also email access at other times; Gay’s leadership in business / marketing has resulted in profound changes in my work, my business and my client numbers.

The process of weekly webinars, 8 module learning and a retreat bring the outcomes we want – a more professional, heart centred individual business. Working as a Holistic Kinesiologist and building on the learning from Gay’s programme has already, and will continue to, result in a growing and thriving Complimentary Medicine Practice.

Lisa Cohen, Kinesiologist 

web : In2Balance Kinesiology

” I have been a memeber of the AIK soince 2014 and finished by Diploma oin Kinesiology in 2016 and I was so excited to take my new skills out into the world and help people.

My first year in clinic wasn’t as I had imagined it to be, I had no idea how to talk to people about what I did let alone to get new clients, and so I struggled working full time in another job to pay the bills and keep inspired about what I really wanted to do.

I came to realise I had a massive gap in my knowledge and although I am only 4 weeks into Gay’s Confident Practitioner Program I am more organised, inspired and excited about my business than I have ever been since I finished my studies. As my energy increases around my business I am already getting more interest in my offer and more clients.

Thank you Anna Clements”

Anna Clements, Kinesiologist 

” I enrolled in the Confident Practitioner Formula in February 2018 when I was first going through the process of setting up my Naturopathy business. At that point I had some vague ideas on Marketing and a business plan but not much else.

In the time since I enrolled I have worked through several of the modules, my marketing plan is coming together with relevant changes to my website that are aimed at making it much more appealing to my target market. As I have gained confidence using the tools that Gay has given me I have started seeing regular clients with my client numbers building up. I have also commenced consulting at a local support organisation for people with mental illnesses.

Gay has helped me become clear in what I want to achieve with my practice and is giving me the skills to enable me to focus my resources on attracting the types of client that will most benefit from the services I have to offer.

Yours faithfully
Julia Passaris, Adv.Dip. Naturopathy”

web : Julia’s Wellness4L” I am ever grateful to you and the Confident Practitioner Formula for gifting me the the skills, insights and clarity about what is important to me and pursuing what matters more purposely.I have learned so much of value from Confident Practitioner Formula that is life-changing. All I have learned and gained feels so well integrated and available for me to apply successfully in so many contexts of my life.  Your efforts and moral support and skills have fallen on fertile ground.

The Confident Practitioner Formula worked wonders in exposing the areas of unconscious incompetence and competence in my practice.  And it did so in a constructive and supportive way. The self-help business tools unpackaged in the course and the ongoing development of self-awareness and self-acceptance tools boosted though your quality online mentoring have equipped me with lifelong skills.

I now feel confident to look at my dreams and plans and the fears that held me back from realising them. I look forward to forging new positive pathways forward in my life ahead:  step-by-step, more realistically and more collaboratively, with greater respect from the outset of how clients and others on projects I am involved in perceive the problems and solutions to be.

I have no doubts that both the world and I are in a better place for my engagement with both the Confident Practitioner Formula and working online with your program The Psychology of Peace.

I trust the world is generating and treating you with the goodwill and rewards you bring for others.

Kind regards

Helen Duckworth – Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant.”

BTW, the following associations have offered CPE points :

AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) : 10 points. 

ANPA (Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association) : 1 per month maximum to a maximum of 12 points.

AIK (Australian Institute of Kinesiologists) : Registered Prof and member levels above – 20 points  /  Registered members – 10 points  / Standard members – 5 points. A maximum of 15 CPE points can be used per annum with any excess rolled over into the next year (one year only). These are the excess points that can be rolled over into the next year: Registered Prof and member levels above – 10 points  /  Registered members – 5 points  /  Standard members – 2.5 points.

NHAA (Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia) : 1 point per meeting with a maximum of 10 points per year. The activity would be classed as “Other” as it relates to business management and marketing.

In addition, most associations offer CPEs for business related learning, check with yours. Often your receipt will be proof enough however if you need a certificate of completion just ask for one once once you have finished the basic 8 modules of training.