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On this page I would like to give you a sense of the kind of outcomes my clients achieve, the best way I can do that is to let some of my clients speak for me. Just click on their name and you will be taken down to their story. You can also have a look the case studies section in my blog for more:

The Learn Smart Program :

Selina, a parent of a grade one student writes about the changes she observed in her daughter.

Tate, a student at middle school, recommends others to experience the work he found so useful.

Kinesiology :

Chloe, my ex-trainee receptionist, discusses her experience with kinesiology and makes some observations on the results she saw in the people passing through reception.

Natalie, a successful career woman, talks about positive changes leading her to healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Veronica, a woman who thought she knew herself well, went on a brave and confronting journey to find a deeper connection to her True Self.

eMarketing and Business Mentoring :

Kirsty, an acupuncturist, writes about the transformation of her business.

Alex, an interior designer, offers a testimonial on how working with me in the marketing group program has been the best decision she could have made.

Peter, a successful natural therapist, clarifies how his business will grow and creates the structure to make it happen.

Chris, a long term hobby practitioner decides to make her passion her income.

Fiona, a new kinesiologist, clarifies her direction and is ready for success.


The transformation of a child with learning challenges, low self esteem and difficulty with coordination into a confident learner…

Imogen was in grade one and struggling. She had poor coordination and difficulty crossing the midline. Her twin sister was better at everything at school than she was and her father was by nature an exceptionally high achiever. Her self esteem was dropping rapidly along with her school results. She took part in the Learn Smart Program over a four month period. During that time she started to do well at school, her coordination improved and she began to feel confident about her own ability to learn. Her mum also learned how to deal better with Imogen and how to support Imogen, her sister and herself in a more self empowering manner.

Read her mum’s story now:

My Daughter, Imogen has been attending the Learn Smart Program with Gay Landeta over the past 4 months and we have been very impressed with the progress she has made since starting the program.

We have seen a dramatic improvement in her confidence levels and have also noticed a difference in her co-ordination and agility. Gay has also provided me, as a parent, with valuable advice on how Imogen learns and how to more effectively motivate and boost her.

Gay is a very professional and warm practitioner and Imogen looked forward to her weekly sessions with her. She very quickly established loyalty and trust with Imogen.

I would highly recommend Gay and her program to any parents who would like to boost their children’s self esteem, increase confidence levels and improve co-ordination and learning skills. It has definitely had a positive influence on Imogen’s development. It is only that we are relocating overseas that we, unfortunately, have to end our sessions with Gay.

Selina, parent

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A young man facing possible exclusion from school participates in the Learn Smart Program...

Tate was having serious repercussions due to his behaviour at school, in fact exclusion was looking likely. He participated in the 10 session Learn Smart Program over a 6 month period. We worked extensively with his primitive reflexes with the aim of helping him to manage his behaviour. He came in for 4 follow-up sessions in the following year. I received this wonderful testimonial from him recently….

Read his words now:

I am one of the many people that has visited Gay and have learnt so much from it during my sessions and time there. Luckily myself, named Tate, talked to my parents about this place and started going. Out of the experience you will learn various techniques for whatever you are having trouble getting rid of or even just coping with. I highly advise you to try this like I did.

If at first you think you are learning nothing or don’t like the look or sound of it give it a go because I did and at my school I have reduced my anger up to 95% and have learnt ways to stop obtaining detentions. This is all thanks to the help of Gay Landeta. So once again I hope that even if you don’t like the sound of it have a go and you will realise that you may actually like it and you may have a lot to gain out of this experience.

Signed, one of the many people Gay has helped, Tate.

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A young woman, out on her own in a new town with a new job, deals with with family issues and transforms into a self confident creator of her own life…

Chloe arrived as our new trainee receptionist and was having trouble with the demands of the role. After a few sessions and being given some Brain Gym® movements to do during her working day she became the excellent receptionist many Nurture Studio clients remember. During her time with us her parents decided to separate which caused her enormous stress. She turned to kinesiology and vibrational essences for support. She moved past those issues easily and went on to an extended world tour before settling into life. 

Read her story now:

I met Gay when I was 17. I’d moved out of home for the first time, moved to the city from a small town and just gotten my first full-time job as her receptionist. As I had never done reception work, I found the organisational side of things difficult and that my memory and concentration left much to be desired. Gay, seeing my struggle, offered to help by introducing me to Brain Gym® and Kinesiology.

In the session, I was comforted by her support and understanding of my, what was at the time, overwhelming situation. Having never experienced this kind of therapy, I found it fascinating how she was able to pinpoint the exact moment in my life when a trauma caused the blockage that was stopping me from synchronising both sides of my brain and allowing new information in. Through various Kinesiology techniques she assisted in moving that blockage.

Gay taught me Brain Gym movements to do during the day at my desk to keep me task oriented and performing my duties on time and productively. I found myself enjoying my job much more and learning the skills I needed to achieve the Office Manager title I now hold.

My working relationship with Gay developed, as did our personal relationship and my share of emotional trials and family tribulations. When my parents told me they we splitting up I felt my whole world crumble around me. Feelings of confusion, sadness and anger took over and I was crying at the drop of a hat. It was a classic case of “this happens to other families, not mine.” A few sessions with Gay helped me put things in perspective and view the situation from different angles.

Kinesiology, along with Gay’s support helped me build up the strength I needed to cope with the changes the separation would bring. The separation itself was not a quick process so it was extremely comforting knowing that I could call or email Gay if I was struggling. The sale of our family home was particularly stressful but Gay prescribed some essences to aid me in the difficult times.

Because of Gay and Kinesiology, I am now able to cope with the cards life deals me and separate those which are my issues to worry about, and those that belong to others. My strength of character has grown and I feel that I have the capacity to achieve the goals I set for myself.

As well as the changes I’ve noticed in myself, I am lucky enough to be in the position where I can observe the changes Gay has made in the lives of others. As her receptionist for the past two years, I have witnessed a variety of people walk through Gay’s clinic door. From children to business men and women, from parents to students, nurses to executives, each one leaves the clinic looking emotionally lighter than when they went in.

One client in particular has made astonishing progress. When I first met this client she was shy and closed off, she never made eye contact or uttered a word. She was escorted to her appointments by her friend for quite a few months.

However, each time she came back I noticed a change in her. The first time I heard her speak was to Gay, and it was obvious that she had responded well to her. Eventually she was able to look at me and even carry on conversations. One day I rang to confirm an appointment and almost fell off my chair when she answered the phone! She chatted to me for a moment and confirmed her appointment. The next day she drove herself to the clinic. She is now successfully pursuing her life and her appointments with Gay are spaced further and further apart.

Many children with learning and social difficulties come in to see Gay and I’ve noticed the improvements in them just through our interactions at the reception. Every child warms to Gay in an instant as she ensures the environment is comfortable, friendly and fun. She relates to the children and parents easily and builds up a strong rapport which is vital in gaining the trust of the child for successful treatment. The feedback from parents is nothing but positive as they see first-hand how their child is progressing.

I truly owe a lot to Gay; she has helped me grow as a person, overcome life’s obstacles and I count her as one of my great friends and mentors.

Chloe, world traveller

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A highly successful career woman learns to create healthy and functional relationships in her life….

Natalie was having problems in her personal relationships that were causing not only causing major stress but were starting to impact on her physically. Over several months we tackled goals based around her love life, her relationships and her sense of self, digging out limiting thoughts and beliefs and transforming them into a positive mindset that helped her feel as confident internally as she appeared to the world. She now pops back every now and then for tune-ups, when she is feeling out of sorts or about to tackle something new and challenging or when she just wants to expand herself a little more.

Read her story now:

For all intents and purposes, I was highly successful. I had a great career, a good circle of friends, an overseas holiday every year and was well on the way to paying off my second house.

Problem was, I kept falling into bad relationships. Friends and colleagues who met my partners were often shocked at the behaviour I would put up with. Somehow, deep down, I thought this was the way all relationships were.

It all culminated when my long term partner, who I’d been sending cash to while he was working in a 3rd world country returned home with a broken leg after crashing a motorbike drunk. As I’d returned home a month earlier (and paid for the travel insurance) it had expired with me. He’d chosen not to take any for himself, so it was a stressful and costly affair to get him back home.

While nursing him back to health I found out the money I’d been sending him had been paying for a local ‘girlfriend’ which he couldn’t afford on the local salary and that the crash had happened on the way to the local brothel.

I was hurt and angry – and this wasn’t the first time. At 28 years old I’d had a string of bad relationships one after the other. Something had to change! But what? I didn’t know why I was attracting these relationships or how to stop it. Or why there was such a disparity between my friends & my partners. It was then I stumbled across Gay Landeta and Kinesiology.

Over a series of months I went to Gay and was ‘muscle tested’ on different beliefs I held. My logical side scoffed at it as ‘hippy trippy’. After the first session I nearly didn’t go back. However, a week after the session, I felt like my eyes had been opened.

Over the coming months I discovered that my body knew far more about what I really believed than my logical brain was willing to recognise. I’m still not sure how it works, but I am convinced that it does. Friends and family have noted the subtle but often profound shifts in the way I approach things.

I’ve discovered how to value myself and respect my barriers – something I’d been able to do at work but never integrate into my personal life. I’ve learnt that being alone is a great way to inspire my creativity and rejuvenate. I’ve learnt to accept that my behaviour influences how others react to me and take responsibility for my choices (as much fun as it would have been to blame the ex for ever, it really isn’t all his fault).

I really feel that Kinesiology was core to my process of healing and of changing my life. No amount of counselling would have got me to admit to some of those harmful core beliefs, but my body couldn’t lie. It’s almost a year since my first session and I’m really pleased with the change in me.

I feel like I have come such a long way in such a small space of time. I’ve just started a new relationship with a really loving and supportive partner, but whether it works out or not, at least this time it will be an experience where I respect both my partner and myself.

Thanks Gay.

Natalie, Trainer

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A woman creates a connection to her deeper self….

Veronica came to see me to help her along her way, little did either of us know at that time what a journey it was going to be. Veronica continues to grow and allows her lovely light out more and more often. Serious illness is the most confronting thing we can face, and to do it bravely, being determined to stay aligned and face our demons is demonstrating the highest aspect of our human nature. You go girl!

Read her letter now:

Hi, My name is Veronica and for the past two years I have been on a wonderful yet confronting journey. The kinesiology sessions I have had with Gay have been rewarding holistically mind, body and spirit.

When I first met Gay I thought I knew myself pretty well and with the numerous counseling sessions I have attended I thought this would be another little step on my journey. Boy was I in for a surprise!!

I was anti GPs I knew better than anyone else, after all I knew what my body needed. Thank heaven for Gay and her loyalty, patience, empathy and her wonderful gift of really listening to what I was saying.  Through Gay’s guidance I went to a GP and found I was on the final stages of kidney failure and required a stay in hospital and lots of medications.

I felt I looked death in the face,I took a closer look at myself and realised with everything that had happened in my life I really and truly wondered who I really was and what I was all about.

The sessions with Gay are so gentle and comforting being in the presence of a person who allows me to speak my true feelings in a safe and warm environment. When the session was finished I would feel so much at peace and calm and a weight lifted from my being.

I am truly finding out who I really am, discovering so many lovely elements, gifts, and tools that I have learnt and now understanding. Thank you so much Gay for your support, guidance, and having such wonderful warmth and a safe haven for clients to visit and release.

Cheers, Veronica

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A practitioner returning to her clinic finds a way to re-create her business bigger and better….

Kirsty is a well respected acupuncturist and massage therapist who took time out to have a baby. On returning to work her client base had dropped away and she was having difficulty attracting the numbers of clients she needed to make her business financially viable. She is now working to capacity and her biggest problem is finding the time to work on her business!

Read her story now:

I started seeing Gay after having my first baby and returning to work. I was hoping she would help to increase my client base and clear any negative beliefs that may have been in the way of my business moving forward.  Well she certainly did both of those things.

In the last month I have had two weeks where my income was double what it had been prior to seeing Gay. She was able to clear my limiting beliefs around my worth as a practitioner.  I now confidently believe in myself and what I can offer as a therapist. Gay has helped me set strongly defined business and personal goals that I now believe I will be able to achieve.  Some of these goals I have begun to meet already.

Gay has been helping me every step of the way with my website and I am now very excited that it is almost complete. Her suggestions and advice have been completely invaluable.  I am so appreciative of all her time and effort.

It is fantastic to have someone be as interested in the growth of my business as I am. It has been an amazing opportunity to work with Gay and feel excitement over the growth of my business and also the growth of my self image as a successful business owner.

I have decided when the Fast Track program (now incorporated into The Confident Practitioner Formula) is over that I will continue my sessions with Gay as seeing her regularly is a good prompt to keep me focused on improving myself and my business. I can see the results now and am excited about the results in the future. Thank-you Gay!!!!

Kirsty, Kirsty Eng Acupuncture

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An Interior Designer chooses the Action Plan Program (now incorporated into The Confident Practitioner Formula) to transform her business to her absolute delight…

Alex had been investigating options to develop her business. Despite a sales and marketing background she was having difficulty getting her business off the ground. She decided on the Action Plan Practitioner Fast Track Program and has been delighted with the results thus far….

Read her testimonial now:

When I signed up for Action Plan business coaching I was in a position of zero traction, both personally and in my business. I felt stuck, isolated and in survival mode. This was having a direct negative impact on my sales and income.

I still had a brilliant vision of how and where I wanted business to be. What was missing were the A-Z steps plus on-going support to get me there.

After investigating the numerous coaching options available I was left unsatisfied that business or marketing advice alone would be enough to really turn me around. Sure, I needed some new business strategies, but what I also needed was someone to take into account the personal, emotional and mental challenges that come with creating a healthy, profitable, long term business.

Since starting the course six weeks ago I am 100% certain that I chose the absolute best option for support and growth on a personal and professional level.

I am back feeling engaged and energized about my business vision, because I now have a clear plan with realistic goals, plus the tools and support to draw on when faced with change or adversity.

The aspect I like best is knowing that my new knowledge, confidence and marketing savvy are anchored on a fundamental level. That means I take everything I get with me so I can re-generate the same results over and over again long after the course is complete. It’s a great feeling to be ‘back in business’

Alex Honey,  Sterling Interior Design

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An Acupuncturist in a career crisis finds a way forward…

Peter had a successful acupuncture business but was ready for a change. We worked together to clarify his passions and priorities and then make plans for the future that both utilised his talents and would create a business that would support the lifestyle he wanted.

Read an interview with him now:

Interview between Peter Kington and Korryn Campbell (my VA) 



1. Thinking about working with Gay tell me a little about your work with her.

In the first stage it was really about unpacking my attitude towards my business and then second was more helping me to sharpen up and come to some conclusions about what I wanted from the business and to give myself the confidence to pursue those goals.

2. Thinking to the time Gay was working with you, what would you say makes the work Gay does special and/or different from others?

I think Gay is very good at understanding the type of work that I do which is natural medicine because she comes from that field herself. She is also very good at tailoring the program to individuals need, so she doesn’t say “Well this is the program, and this is the way it works” it’s more “well let’s see how we can make the program work for what it is your trying to do”.

3. Thinking to the time Gay was working with you, what one word or phrase comes to mind when you think about the value Gay delivers?

Heart, Compassion, Understanding that sort of thing. We were just talking about that, the word heart. I think that is an excellent word.

4. Thinking to the time before Gay started working with you, how would you describe how things were going and why you chose to bring her in to help?”

Things were going along okay, my business was going okay but I knew that there needed to be changes because I had sort of reached a bit of a milestone in the business growth and I sort of felt that I was beginning to question what I wanted to more, or was it time to move onto something else and if that wasn’t the case I wanted to change the way I was doing it to make it new and interesting again. So that was primarily why I bought her in…was to help me wade through it, and then once I figured out that was what I was going to do, then it was more of what am I going to do to make that work. Feeling confused, despair, excited, optimistic, overwhelmed.

5. What kind of person would you be most likely to refer to work with Gay? Why?

Small business operators. The reason I would refer them is because Gay is a small business operator herself so she has a sense of that and the other type I would refer would be someone who would take on board and be willing to except the challenge of what the program required.

So probably a small business owner, someone who was stuck in a loop and needed someone to guide them out of the bad and the type of person who can respond to that Heart approach that Gay has. It’s not the touchy feely, she’s not touchy feely but there is more to what she does than just crunch the numbers.

6. Would you recommend Gay to your friends or colleagues? What exactly would you say to them in your recommendations?

I have recommended Gay to numerous friends and colleagues…probably all in the last 6 months. And the think I usually say to them is “I think you need to go and see Gay” That’s the saying, and it’s because she is very good at helping with the unpacking of the baggage around your business and then very good at helping to re pack the baggage so that it works for you.

7. Would you work with Gay again? If so (or if not) why?

Yeah I will work with her again on the professional mentoring basis. The reason is because I think it’s like an accountability check, it’s an honesty check. More than that it’s about having a point of contact with someone who knows what I’ve done and what I’ve been going through so that I can then go back to her and she can say “have you done this? Why?” You’re not working in that model you kind of forget the finer points. So she is a good point of reference and that’s the way to keep me on track and it’s good to be able to discuss some concerns I have about my business.

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A practitioner who had been struggling to get her business off the ground has created a viable, reliable, exciting business…

Chris had been strugling for 12 months (on top of 10 years…) to make a successful business. After taking part in the Marketing with Heart Program (now incorporated into the Confident Practitioner Formula) she has a business that just keeps on building.

Read her words now:

I created my business Balance Central in 2009 and for the first 12 months I really struggled to get it off the ground. It was obvious that there were lots of things I didn’t know and lots of things I wasn’t doing right.  I needed to know the things I didn’t know and I needed someone to push me through the changes that needed to happen.

I knew from the first phone call that you understood me and I knew you were going to be the one to guide me to achieving a successful business.  You helped me focus on what I needed to do for my business to grow. You helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and ultimately gave me an understanding of my business and my clients.  With this heightened awareness I am able to create the business that I truly want.

The Marketing with Heart course was tailored to me and my business and as a result I now know the things I didn’t know.

After completing the Marketing with Heart course my business has turned the corner and my client numbers have increased dramatically.  I can now say Balance Central is a viable business with fantastic foundations and I’m excited about the future.

Chris  Wildeboer, Balance Central

… and a little more, this was received just after the launch of her new clinic, the manifestation of exactly what she targeted for her business in our first session.

May 31st, 2011

I completed the Marketing with Heart Course with Gay in 2010 and from that I achieved great results.  I was able to achieve all the planned outcomes of the course and it was fantastic. What I am really pleased about though is 12 months on and I am still using the tools and techniques I learnt.

I recently held an event for my business where I worked jointly with another small business owner.  After our initial meeting where we decided what we wanted the event to look like I went home and completed an Action Plan.

During the next few weeks it was fantastic to have this in place as it helped keep us on track.  We knew the intention – this helped to establish who I sent the press release to, we knew the intended outcome – this helped in deciding how things should be set up on the day and we knew what we needed  to make the event possible – this helped with what we needed to hire/purchase for the day.

The Action Plan made the whole process simple and the best bit there was no stress.  A few days before the event I went back to my action plan and could clearly see that we had completed everything.  The day was a huge success and it was because we were organised from the beginning.

Gay your education is still proving to be effective so thank you for continuing to help me be successful.

Chris Wildeboer, Balance Central

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A recent Kinesiology graduate has created the foundations to create and market anything…

Fiona had recently graduated and was struggling with making her joy a successful business. She decided to take part in the Marketing with Heart Mentoring Program (now incorporated into The Confident Practitioner Formula) and created the personal and business foundations for success….

Read her testimonial now:

When I started working with Gay over six months ago, I had recently finished a diploma in Kinesiology, had started in clinic and had very few clients. I had no experience in setting up a business and definitely didn’t have a clue how to market myself. I thought you just find somewhere to practise, get some business cards and put a sign out, clients would be knocking at your door in no time, right?  Boy was I wrong!

I soon realized that I needed help. It felt like I had the tools but the map of how to put it all together was missing. My confidence soon started to crumble and I felt myself doubting my abilities.  

I absolutely love Kinesiology and am passionate about what I do but had no idea how to get that message across to potential clients. Suddenly I saw my vision slipping away from me, I felt lost, disheartened and confused.

Kinesiology, I believe, can help with almost every emotional, physical or spiritual issue there is, it would be like a one stop shop, there would be no need to be specific with marketing as I could easily follow a generic selling strategy. Wrong again! Also one of the biggest problems I had was describing what Kinesiology was to others without them looking at me sideways, drifting off, or assuming I was one of those new age hippies.

I feel blessed to have found Gay, not only a fellow Kinesiologist but also had a background in Marketing, for myself and other practitioners who love what they do but just don’t know how to sell themselves, it was the perfect combination. After the initial consultation with Gay I knew immediately that the Marketing with Heart program was for me.

Gay helped me get really clear on what I wanted to do. Up until I started working with Gay I had only a vague idea, after working on limiting beliefs, identifying my positive intentions and working on the getting unstuck processes, I began to release what had been holding me back and I moved closer to creating my dreams. Gay also introduced me to the wonderful world of the “Audio logo”, which allowed me to communicate effectively what I do to others. Wow what a difference to my confidence that made. At times the work with Gay was confronting, she taught me to be really honest with myself and look inside for answers to the problems I was experiencing rather than blame outside sources. Once I started to do this, I started to take back control of my vision and my confidence and clarity surrounding my future came back.

I have a very clear picture of my business, my goals and my values and am so excited that I have a map that allows me to follow very clear instructions on how to Market anything. My progress with Gay has been amazing. I started off very unsure and lacking confidence now, I feel unstoppable. Along with the constant support and encouragement Gay has given me, I have found Gay to be an invaluable source of information and ideas. Currently my focus has shifted to undertake more study; however I will be back in touch with Gay in a couple of months to kickstart the clinic.

To anyone struggling to start their own business or feeling stuck and having lost direction in life, I highly recommend joining Gay in the Marketing with Heart Program. Not only will you start to create a successful business but you will find the work you do with Gay has an amazing flow on effect in your personal life, allowing for success in all aspects of your life.

Thanks Gay

Fiona Bell, Koru Health and Beauty

Learning challenges, personal development & business and marketing mentoring for practitioners, therapists and other health professionals

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