Are you in ‘too busy’ mode? This year has been that for me. I needed help for my busy life! found myself writing in my journal “I am just so full. full. full. full!’ I was too full to even start to explore processing being full! I had to bookmark what was happening till I had some space to relax and decompress.

Bookmarking, ie making a time to deal with whatever is going on, is a very useful tool during any busy time. It means we can compartmentalise in a healthy way, instead of pushing things away into the never-never of a busy life we know that the space to deal will come.

You may have experienced this when you book in a session when something is up. Once booked you knew you would be dealing with whatever it was and you could get on with your life. You may also have found that by having that in place you started to naturally process your experiences through dreams and insights.

learing to relax despite it all

We can do this on our own as well. Of course, this doesn’t replace the unbiased external eye of a professional, but sometimes we just need a little time on our own to figure things out. By making a date with ourselves we know we have that safe space coming for our mind and body to process.

Trouble is, sometimes what needs processing ends up packed away a little too well. And we se have time we cant access anything. If you are in a session that is not an issue, but when we want to start processing on our own it can make it very difficult to know how to start. 

To be able to unpack we need to feel safe – the easiest way to feel safe is to feel loved and cared for. A good way to do that is to ensure we always make time for our self-nourishing and self-care practices. Often these are the first to go in a busy life. And as we get too busy to look after ourselves we gradually descend further and further into a place of survival. And as survival offers no space for processing or reflection all that is old gets more and more banked up and locked away. A vicious cycle.

When this happens I always feel it is important to look at self-nourishing practices. I define self-nourishing practices as those things we do that help us feel loved, cared for and safe. They may be anything from bubble baths to nutrition to movement, from meditation to play – they are anything and everything that feed our soul rather than just our ‘well-being’.

These practices need to be regular – but here is the trouble! We get busy, we get stressed. We drop back into tick-the-box well-being practices – like healthy eating. And then we get too busy and so we beat ourselves up and then descend further into a ‘survival at all costs’ life. And before we know it months have gone by.

So how can we help our whole being understand the importance of daily self-nourishing so deeply that they become non-negotiable?

Through noticing how we feel as we do these practices. The process of noticing moves anything from an intellectual understanding to a whole-body experience we can help a busy life become more spacious.

self help for a busy life We do this by noticing how we feel during and after a nourishing practice. And then by taking a moment to reflect on how life is when we are too busy to take time for it (without beating ourselves up!)

Though being mindful of how life expands when these practices are part of our life we gently teach help our busy self to slow down and incorporate them. And by committing to tiny steps we will get us anywhere faster than the odd giant leap. And by knowing that we will fall down – but all we need to do is to stand up and take another teeny step. By gently accepting anythis that arises it will gradually become second nature.

So, once I realised I was too full I bookmarked and made a date with myself. I re-visited my self-nourishment list. Yoga is one of my big ones but sometimes I still put it aside; to give my body a break or because it is too complicated. But because I know in my bones how good it is for me I always come back to it.  It was noticing how it changed me over time that developed that awareness and helps me return to it over and over again.

Another of my self-nourishing practices is a daily art play. This one has been off and on for a few years but this year felt like it was time to commit. Like the year I knew it was time to commit to a daily yoga practice. Knowing it was time got me started. But that full-ness came along and I dropped it, even though I knew it was time. Even though (intellectually) I know I am better when I do it. Even though I am excited about the possibilities that a daily practice may open up. Basically, even though I really WANT to do it, it is still easy to drop it because it isn’t yet into my bones of knowing. I haven’t built the awareness yet of how it supports me.

So how will I build that knowing? Through noticing of course! Though kindly and consciously being mindful of what happens in my life when I add in daily art. Through being willing to accept what comes up and through committing to taking tiny steps, a few minutes is fine. And through knowing I will fall down and miss days but that is OK, I can start again.

In the end, it will be through self-reflection of what works for me and of being accountable for my own actions.

And to create the space for all of that I will need to let go of my expectations and self-judgment and be willing to slow down and notice. Add in mindful moments. Take time to see what feels good and what doesn’t. To notice what adding and subtracting the practice actually feels like. To get out of my head and into my body. And to love myself enough to do all that.

So what self-nourishing practice is calling you and what do you need to do to help your busy life?

This year, with its yin inward energy is all about listening deeply to these whispers which are readying us for 2024, another ‘get out there’ Yang year.

Enjoy this time and the opportunity to embrace more of who you are.

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