Create Your Life

If you are struggling and feeling stuck, you need to clear the blocks and create balance.

Are you feeling unbalanced or stuck? Unable to make the changes you desire?

It is time to clear blocks and create focus so you can create the life (and the business) that you truly desire (and deserve).

I know the frustration of being stuck and, after much research and exploration, education and commitment, I have developed a process that helps me and my clients create balance and clear out the blocks to growth.

Personal development books are widely available and are often called-upon for many people struggling in life but the problem is that most people don’t connect with the core concepts – or, more often, they find them difficult or impossible to incorporate into their life.

My clients find it not only possible to connect to the concepts and the processes I offer but simple. And, with a little kinesiology, my clients can make even the most challenging shifts they need to change their mindsets and emotions to fit their new perspectives. I welcome you to explore my Blog and my site to learn how I help consciously aware individuals create the life they love.

“Hi. If you are ever in need of any help whether for personal or business STUCKNESS then here is a lady who can change your world……..first hand experience here and they say word of mouth is the best form of connection to something you didn’t know about………….Meeting Gay is the reason we are moving to the Coast……..a lifetime dream fulfilled on Wednesday……….yeeehaaaaa. thanks Gay      xkc”

Whether you are struggling personally, with business or with relationships, I can help you find the root of what is stopping you and help you move past it to success.

If you feel the heart connection with my words and philosophies, then my books, e-courses or services are just what you need to get un-stuck.

In addition to working with people to create the life they love, I also work with those who are struggling in relationship or those who have tried traditional  relationship counselling locally here in Brisbane (and the surrounding areas). I also work with health practitioners, solopreneurs and small business owners who are wanting to clarify their vision for their business and turn their passion into real revenue.

I offer private and group sessions to help you clarify your plans and your biggest visions and remove the blocks so that you can find balance in your body, mind, and spirit. I also offer workshops and certification in Educational Kinesiology so you can learn to use Brain Gym®, a highly effective program that emphasizes using the whole brain to change the way that you think and see things.

My marketing and business mentoring program can help you develop your business and help you create both wealth and true satisfaction from your work.

All of my services will help you create your life – the life you want to live.  Fulfilled, peaceful, content, abundant and more.

You can contact me regarding any of the services or programs that I facilitate or about kinesiology sessions.

And if personal development books are what you are looking for, please explore my online shop. The information I offer has been proven effective over the past 15 years, as my clients attest! I can help you incorporate the concepts you need into your life so you can Create the Life you Want to Live!

If you are in the Brisbane area and want to explore beyond the traditional boundaries of personal or relationship counselling, please feel free to contact me , my mobile number is 0418 795 135, or you can email me at create@gaylandeta.com.au.