Life Mastery – life coaching and kinesiology to help you to lean into your life and love it!

Is this for you?

This program is for you if you are undergoing a major transition or are ready to make some substantial changes in one or more areas of your life. You may have already considered getting a Life Coach to keep you on track or you may know you work best when you have someone to back you and keep you accountable. You may know the amazing benefits of kinesiology and want to incorporate this to help you to optimise your results.

This program includes lifetime on-line membership to Life Mastery and Psychology of Peace Programs so you can explore those pivotal areas in your own time deepening your understanding and using our one to one sessions in a laser focused way. For more info about the On-Line Program click here. 

Why would you need it?

To help you through those times when you are ready to change but feel too overwhelmed to start, or you are just finding it too difficult to do on your own.

Gay Landeta Often the difference between success and failure at those times is having someone who can help you see clearly, who is totally on your side, can keep you on track and who can be relied upon to keep your spirit hopeful.

What will it do for you?

You will find greater clarity about yourself and your direction, your confidence will increase and you will see and accept opportunities that you may have once ignored or thought impossible for you. You will learn how to clarify your goals, create powerful intentions to achieve them and how to prioritise and implement appropriate action.

You will have someone there to support and encourage you, and, when needed, to help you see how you are sabotaging yourself. You will gain a greater understanding about yourself, how you work and what your gifts are. You will learn how to see the biggest picture while staying focused on taking the steps you need to take.

What will happen?

Through a combination of kinesiology sessions, vibrational essences and membership site access you will be guided to transform your life step by step, creating the life you want to live. Sessions can be in person or via Skype or telephone so you can contact me when it suits you for support, guidance or coaching.

At each session, we will review your progress and decide on the next appropriate step. A session may be used to make future plans, deal with issues or discuss difficulties or whatever is required to help you to move forward. We will use kinesiology, counselling and essences to help you to release the blocks holding you back and to help you to learn the skills and gain the confidence to achieve your goals.

Mastering your Life requires a commitment to accessing your authentic self and choosing to live from the heart. You may, at times, have to sit in uncomfortable places however through all this you will have solid support to keep you keeping on, to help you celebrate your wins, to hold you accountable and to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

This program is a highly personalised way to achieve and consolidate your specific goals. It is a 16 week commitment to to yourself and transforming your life and will uncover what is stopping you and open up whole new ways of being. I can’t promise you it will be easy – but I can tell you that it will take you into a whole new and exciting way of being. woman

What is included?
  • 4 X 1.5 hour sessions
  • Follow up email support after each session.
  • 4 months supply of personalised vibrational essences to gently support your journey.
  • Lifetime access to the 8 module Life Mastery self-paced online learning program.
  • Lifetime access to the 8 module Psychology of Peace self-paced online learning program.

If you think this program may be for you please contact me to discuss whether it will suit you. Contact me by phone or email or fill in the simple form below letting me know what you are looking for.

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