If you are reading this and haven’t already done part one of this series, back up now. Why? Because this process can give you some beautiful insights into creating intentions for a new beginning. This process can help you understand where you are at the moment and where you might like to direct your life. You can do this anytime, at the beginning of a new year, on your birthday, or just because.  

While living in the flow is a beautiful way to be and something many of us aspire to, it is also human nature to want to grow and expand and do more. Creating intentions about what that expansion looks like is like choosing a direction and starting out.creating intentions

Like any journey whether or not we get to the end will depend on many factors; how clear the pathway is, how much we are able to prepare, how willing we are to do the journey as it gets more complex. So creating intentions doesn’t actually mean that you will get exactly there. That is when we need goals. Goals include precise and clear steps to our desired outcome. So we need intentions for where we want to go and clear goals to get there.  

Before you begin your interpretation have a look at your drawing. Centre yourself and begin to delve into what it is sharing with you. Have a pen and paper handy to make some notes. To watch a youtube of this process and see the analysis in more detail click here. create intentions

Here are the meanings of each item:

  • Snake: Regeneration, something you are letting go of.
  • Flower: Something that is opening up and unfolding – and it is often related to the area it lies in (see further down the page).
  • Tree: Your evolutionary growth process. Have a look at whether you drew your roots or not, visible or hidden. These can be clues to the way you operate. Your trunk can indicate the plane where your most strength lies and your branches are what you are reaching for – see the planes (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spritual) further down.
  • House: Your process of creating your identity.
  • Bird: The universal symbol of the messenger. This area of communication includes belief systems, attitudes, values, or perhaps that a spiritual message has been recognised.
  • Path: Structure and discipline.
  • Mountain: Your quest, dream, spiritual journey.
  • Butterfly: Memory of something recently transformed.

Consider what you drew first, this is significant as it is where you drew each item, its proximity to other items and the complexity of each item. This will give you some insights into yourself.

intention creating This is sort of like translating a dream, there is no right or wrong, just things to consider. I find this a fascinating process, for example, I always think I will remember NEXT TIME to draw the house with more complexity but do I? No. In fact there may bea less complexity this time, but I might have a big tree beside my house. That might indicate that my energy is going into my growth, not my identity. I can then reflect on that when I am thinking about the coming year and make sure that focus is serving me in the best way.

Notice if you :

  • Drew a symbol more than once: This could be an area that needs to be intensified or experienced several ways.
  • Added in other symbols: These show you ways you already know how to heal yourself.
  • If you had an area that was hard to draw: This shows you an area that may require extra attention – for example, if my pathway was hard. yup. discipline. need more of that!
  • Forget a symbol? This could either be an area you have outgrown or discarded or, conversely, an area that needs to be consciously incorporated into your life.
  • The largest item holds the most identity and key to your well-being.
  • The smallest item is an area that is just emerging but may still be unknown.
  • The first item you drew is a process you understand in some way and is important to you at least at present. 

If the drawing is more vertical (portrait) then there is strong activity in your inner healing.

If more horizontal (landscape) then there is strong healing at outer levels; body, relationships, etc

Next fold or divide the paper into four sections. Each quadrant signifies an aspect of your life. The area with the least symbols shows consciousness that is not yet well developed – you may like to focus some of your energy into creating intentions in that area in the coming months or you may like to sit in stillness with that plane of being for insights for how you can develop it. The quadrant with the most symbols demonstrates the most activity and consciousness.

  • Mental (top left): Valley of the Birds.
  • Spiritual (top right): Valley of the Mountains.
  • Emotional (bottom left): Valley of the Flowers.
  • Physical (bottom right): Valley of the Trees.

If a symbol covers two or more quadrants then these are aspects of your life that are interconnected, such as spirit and mind. creating self care intentions For example, if the bottom right of a drawing was empty aside from a flower overlapping into the bottom left (emotional) then that could indicate an absence in the physical however the overlapping flower indicates that there is an opening up starting and a useful goal may be around regular self-care.

If a symbol covers all four quadrants then that same process maybe occurring throughout your entire being. For example if that flower was in the middle of the page then there may be an all-around blossoming happening and instead of goals it might be more nurturing to create an intention to be open to the growth and changes that are happening in your life. 

Hope you find something enlightening in this process. I always do.

Happy New Beginnings!

With love, Gay

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