guidance for 2022 How do you guide your emerging New Year?

For several years now, I have used a word as both guidance and intention for the year. They come to me around the end of the year as I reflect on the year that has passed. I find they bring both gifts and opportunities as well as interesting challenges.

‘Gentle’ arrived for 2022. I love this. It feels perfect. (And a bit challenging for this busy bee. 😉)

Last year, 2021, my word was peace. 2021 was a disruptive year for me, things started that couldn’t be finished (like many of us!!). The C word coming and going. And then mum passing, a good death but she is still gone with no easy way to get back to Canada. Having the quietness of that word guiding me helped me continue to align with what I knew I needed. To build in more self care for myself and choose peace.

2020 my word was nurture. And that certainly was my joy and challenge for that year. Nurturing my self. Nurturing my clients. That year I set up my ‘freebie balances’ which I love to share. (They go out to my list – if you aren’t on it you can sign up here).

2019 was consolidate – which I did. 2018 was contented – I had a bad fall from a horse that year, but even through all that I felt almost bizarrely contented and I finished that year with a spontaneous trip to India which really grounded contentment through my being.

2017 was joyously amazed (I added the joyously to moderate amazed!) That was the first year I choose a word/s as opposed to a paragraph or so of intentions. (I still do a bit of that but that is a different process). Midway through 2017 I again spontaneously (but in a guided and perfect way) joined a program for creating high end programs. Through that, all my business and marketing mentoring came together and was reimagined into The Confident Practitioner Formula – which has helped many, many practitioners step up into what they are here to do.

I use my word in my daily journaling as part of my intention setting for the day and in my evening gratitude reflection. More often than not I can see how it has, in fact, guided me. 

For 2022 the word meandering has also emerged (like the moderating influence of joyously). And so it seems 2022 will be a year of gentle meandering. It feels so perfect.

What about you?

If you sit quietly and feel into the year that was and then reflect on what you most need for 2022, what word/s come quietly? I say quietly because this is a different process than connecting to your wants or desires – those tend to be loud! You may already have those clear – and perhaps even a keyword – in some writing, on a Visionboard or even as KPI goals. This is more about quietly listening to your heart and seeing what guidance and potential growth may be sitting there for you.

I would love to hear what you come up with! 

Wishing you all a beautiful 2022!!! 🥂✨❤️

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