Values may be something you have visited in your workplace, either in your own business or on team building days – but have you considered how important they are in your private life?

They are the core of who you are, how you respond to the world and the decisions you make. Working with your values can help you to understand yourself, your motivations and help you to make decisions more easily.

At the bottom of this post is a values exercise to help you to recognise yours. I hope you enjoy it, this process has been transformational for many of my clients. I hope it is for you.


By Gay Landeta

Values are the notions, morals and concepts that influence our
choices and help us to determine our behaviour and actions.

Shaped by our belief systems and originating through a myriad of influences including our families, our culture and our
experiences, they are a very personal expression of who we are.

They are also quite subjective and can change through our life.

For most of us they are hidden in the subconscious often as a primary source of stress.

Why? Because values dictate much of the way we respond to life. 

For example, consider the situation of a client of mine. She was
becoming more and more irate with her friends and family.
She felt
they were untruthful, this judgment was creating an enormous amount of pressure in her life and she was afraid the resulting stress was beginning to impact negatively in many aspects of her life.

Upon working out her values she recognised that her number one
value was truth.
At first this justified her anger until she had the realisation that her truth was not everyone else’s truth.

At that moment she was able to let go of her judgment and see that
everyone was being true to their self.
This letting go of justice for ‘just is’ meant she could just let go into her life and enjoy it.

Doing a values exercise is simple. Firstly stop and allow yourself
to relax.
Now start to brain storm all the values that influence your life.
These can include but are not limited to such values as :

freedom                purpose                  accomplishment
connectedness        philosophy              accountability
security                generosity              beauty
discipline              friendship              happiness
fairness                community               calm
adventure               family                  loyalty
equality                charity                 goodness
self reliance           orderliness             simplicity
meaning                 pleasure                integrity
unity                   justice                 harmony
truth                   spirituality            self-improvement
serenity                wisdom                  wealth
hard work               creativity              joy

the list goes on. Once you have a selection of 10 or so choose
your top five.
You can use the above list if you are not sure where to start.

Once you have your top five values delete two. You now know the most
important values in your life at this time. Consider how these influence your life.

Do any of these impact negatively or cause you stress? Do any need any adjustments?

Which one is your number one value? Once you know that you can use
it pro-actively in your life. You can use it to help you to make decisions and to prioritise the important things in your life.

Finally, how can you use it to help you to Create the Life you want to Live?


This Month’s Resolve : Align to your Values, and Feel the Freedom!


I would love to hear your comments…

That’s it for now,

Cheers, gay

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