Any time is a good time for a look into how we are travelling so we can create intentions that will enhance our being. To do that I love this process taught to me many years ago, the Maori Drawing Process. The Maori people of New Zealand traditionally do this each year to gain insight and guidance into how they are travelling. Every time I do this I am amazed at the insights I get…

create Intentions

You will need paper and some drawing materials. Before you start take time to centre yourself – that way you won’t be trying so much to think about what you are doing, it will come more naturally. This is just time to draw not create intentions. That comes later.

I always find Hook-ups from Brain Gym a great way to relax and centre myself. If you want to really get centred you can do the whole set of 4 movements we call PACE in Brain Gym. Takes about 5 minutes and really gets you into your best self.

Hookups: There are two stages to Brain Gym’s Hook-ups.

Firstly, place one ankle over the other. Then cross one wrist over the other and interlace your fingers together, draw your hands up to your chest and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth (or simply with your tongue on the roof of your mouth) and your eyes closed or looking down (this cuts out the visual overload we experience daily).

After several breaths (6 or 8 or more as you like) undo your arms and move your feet apart. Place your fingertips together and continue to breathe comfortably until you feel centered and ready. BTW, this is a great way to start any process you wish to approach with focus or mindfulness. 

Once you are centered take your paper and materials and draw a circle on your paper. Then consider these symbols and start drawing them in any order and in any way you like. Read through the list and choose the one you want to draw first – your drawing can be as simple or as complex as you like. Then choose the next and so forth :

  • Snake
  • Flower
  • Tree
  • House
  • Bird
  • Path
  • Mountain
  • Butterfly

When you are finished note the first thing you drew and then move onto part two where you will find out how to interpret the insights into what you have just drawn and then how to use it to help you formulate goals for next year.

All the best!

PS feel free to share – this is a fabulous process – every time I do it I am amazed at what I choose and how I draw it, even after all these years.

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