How our thoughts help and hinder us in our healing : Animal Kinesiology pt 2 

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The interesting thing about working with animals is that while they feel emotions they do not ‘think’ in the same way as we do. Yes, they appear to think – sometimes in a surprisingly sophisticated way – but they do not have the same intellect that we do. For example, what dog would be thinking  “hmmm, I seem to be feeling a bit blah and putting on a bit of weight, I think i need to eat a few less carbs and hit the gym.” These kinds of processes are reserved for the busy little human brain. 

This ability to think and process can be as much of a block to healing as a pathway to it. Because we have the ability to think about what the core of our pain is we can easily re-ignite it, even when we have moved into a better place, just through our focus. 

For example it is a very few individuals who come out of a messy relationship who do not worry that the behaviour will happen again. Sometimes we focus on it so much that we re-create it! We use our thinking processes to inform our approach to similar situations, to help us to navigate and avoid pain. Yes, some of this is instinctual and common to all animals, but much of this is central to our human thought processes. 

Once we start to pull apart how our thoughts are contributing to our pain we can really begin to be open for an entirely new experience of life. We may continue to be triggered by circumstances but we can use our thought processes to see the differences, instead of our emotions to see the similarities as we have a moment. As the emotions become less involved we regain more choice about how we respond. 

With an animal, their nature is their nature. Balancing Lola (our rescue Lhasa) when she arrived for her incessant barking worked only with the aspect that was bad training and to a lesser extent enjoying her own voice. The barking that happens because she is a dog with a fairly small brain, bred to love and guard cannot be changed. Honey, the Australian Shepherd will always want to have a job in the herd. Animals have no motivation nor reason to change. 

However with us humans, our thought processes can start us on a journey and we can use them to continue to take us forward, regardless of our nature. We can use our thoughts as well as energetic processes (such as kinesiology) to change who we are at very deep levels.

We will always be the same innate person underneath – however we really can strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Providing we do the work, we will continue to change and grow without ceasing. This is not to say we won’t be inundated with our emotions at times but we can continue to use our motivation in positive and growthful ways and who knows what we will become!

And because of the inter-connectedness that we have with everything around us, as we change so will everything. That is why I have heard clients say “after that session I went home and could not believe how different my husband was!” Or “my kids no longer seem to need me all the time to help them do everything.”

I think this is such an important concept to remember. We can spend far too much time wanting situations or other people to change. The reality is as we change they will. So the more carefully we focus our attention on what we want the more everything around us will change.  

Our innate nature will remain as it is but our response to the world can be transformed. 

Conversely, the more we focus on our pain the more that will persist. 

So choose your focus!

…. Some tools that you can use to help you focus on the limitless potential that future you could experience ….  

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Meditation and mindfulness – I love the Insight Timer app – totally free too. 

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And of course (!!) Kinesiology sessions  where we always look at how we can harness the helpful qualities of the mind as well as dealing with painful patterns.

“Your destiny is to fulfil those things upon which you focus most intently. So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting and joyful. Your life is always moving toward something.”

~ Ralph Marston

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