I have always done kinesiology with my pets, starting with my son’s Axolotle (Mexican Walking Fish) back when I was first studying kinesiology.

Not only has my pet benefited but my own journey of personal growth has been supported through the development of trust and intuition. Lately I have been doing more of it and with these experiences a whole new level of understanding has emerged.

My first experience of kinesiology with animals was 27 years ago now. My son was only 7 and loved reptiles. He had already lost one Axolotle and his second one didn’t look like it would make it till morning. In desperation I tried this weird stuff I was learning. What came up was a struggle to breath and an awful sluggishness. We balanced for this and it made it through the night.

When we got it to the pet shop the next day we discovered we had been sold a 1’ tank instead of a 4’. The poor thing was drowning in its own excrement and had no oxygen as a result – hence the breathing and sluggishness. New tank, new weekly cleaning regime and all was well. It happily survived for many years after that. 

Around that time I also started using Bach Flowers on my cat who had gone quite crazy after the addition of an overly enthusiastic beagle puppy. I consistently noticed a huge shift in her behaviour every time I gave her drops. All this reinforced for me how powerful this vibrational work was even though was it was kind of flakey.

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Since then I have always given my pets regular tune-ups, checking in that they are happy in themselves. Lola in particular has had a number of sessions, firstly to settle her in as a rescue and secondly after a back injury a few years ago. She knows when she needs some support and jumps into my lap for a tune up. 

Lately though, I have been seeing more animal clients including my first horse client. Rose was a great case study. I had gone out to a friends property to have a play with her herd of horses. When I arrived Rose came up to me and as we were doing some ground work, my friend noticed that she had a bit of a limp and a swelling on her back. An old injury had flared up.

Rose was a strong willed Arab had a history of a (probably quite) stressful 10 years in the show world. About 7 years ago, after she finished in the ring, she had lucked into my friends herd. It was there her nervous system learnt to relax.

kinesiology with animals

As I worked with the old injury it was apparent that it had stored a great deal of emotional pain. Once we cleared that the injury itself sorted out quickly. Rose wandered off as I finished, had a big sleep and the next day all the swelling and pain was gone.

Our original plan for the day was some horsey time and then a balance for my friends dog. Honey had been getting extremely anxious whenever my friend worked her horses and my friend wanted to be able to work the horses without worrying about her dog.

The interesting thing was that before I could start with Honey I needed to balance my friend. (In kinesiology testing you follow a step by step process that will tell you what to do next). It turned out my friend also had an old back injury that was playing up. We sorted that out and moved onto Honey. Somehow all three were interconnected and one supported the healing of another.

When I arrived a few weeks later for a little more horse time, Rose the horse was still fine. My friends back was good. And on observing Honey as we worked the horses, it was apparent that a whole layer of anxiety had been released. She still wanted to be involved, but she is an Australian Shepherd and that is part of her DNA. 

The really amazing thing that happened on that follow up visit was that about 5 minutes before I arrived all 6 horse moved up from the bottom paddock to the ring, where I park, and Rose and Honey were greeting me even before I got out of the car. This was more evidence of our interconnectedness. Truly understanding the depth of what that means can make a profound difference in our lives. We can start to see how much is unseen but still very real in our world.

So ask yourself when have you experienced that level of interconnectedness? When have you thought of someone and they ring? Do you accept these experiences as truth? Do you trust these moments and know they are part of something more? Or do you only listen when you want to, when it makes sense and then deny it when things aren’t working?

It is interesting to reflect on how much we miss out on when we use our intellect to process the intuition.

None of those horses would have been there to greet me had they been discussing the likelihood of me arriving that day and that time. No one told them that I was coming. We hadn’t synchronised diaries. And the time slot for my arrival was loose. But listening and responding took them to the right place at the right time.

When we can hold this truth everything will change in the way we act and respond in the world. We truly are not alone and there is guidance, help and support available all the time, if we are missing it we might just not be listening!

Or it may be that there is something more to learn at this moment in this place that we are.

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We can start connecting by practicing listening to our intuition and responding when the outcome matters little. We may make some random choices that may raise some eyebrows however it starts us developing a trust in that quiet sense.

As we learn to listen more deeply the messages become stronger. We may never hear an actual voice but we will start to get a strong sense of what is right for us. By trusting that, anxiety will start to drop away and we can relax into this existence a little more deeply.

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