Have you heard about the concept of Re-framing? It is an interesting psychological tool whereby we can take a negative thought and transform the perspective, turning it into something more positive, and then we can use that as an affirmation to repeat over and over to change the way we think.

Science has proven that doing this, changing our thoughts and using positive affirmations, actually does change the neural connections in our brain. That means this is a really powerful psychological tool that we can use to elicit real change and positive growth.

It’s important to realise this is not about being a Pollyanna or just making lemonade out of lemons.  It’s actually about working on a deeper level. If we have something serious going on in our life it is important that we don’t just avoid it. When we use this technique to change our thoughts we don’t just replace a negative thought with a positive thought. When we reframe we need to examine the belief from various perspectives to find a new way of thinking about it. That means it is mighty hard to avoid the core issue.

So through this process, where we recognise the core issue, change our thoughts and then use a positive thought over and over again, we can start to change some of the habitual thought patterns and even behaviour patterns that keep us in a suffering and misery kind of place.

There’s a really cool site that you can go to for some self-help https://reframe.thnk.org It’s a great place to play around with some of those limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back.

And if you find that you want to do some deeper work feel free to get in touch! It is so exciting to see aspects of yourself changing – I love helping people do that!

Hope you’re having a great day! Bye for now.. 🙂

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