Gay Landeta

Thursdays are my day off from the clinic …. Last week I had a perfect one, yin yoga followed by a day in Mavis (my art shed). I was going to end up at the movies, but the day was so perfect nothing else was needed…. What is your perfect recuperative day? Is it out and about or quietly at home? Maybe it is giving to others or maybe, if you give daily, it is taking time for you. And maybe it varies?

Lots of us are so busy running  around that we have never taken the time to figure out what we need for our soul. Knowing what works for us means we can consciously add this into our life. That does mean we sometimes have to say no to other stuff but it keeps the bucket full, not only increasing our happiness and general sense of gratitude for life but our immune system as well.

What can you do to create a perfect moment? In reality. Sure I would love a week in one of those beautiful shacks over the ocean  or up a tree in one of those amazing Eco rainforest resorts, but that is simply not feasible right now. And if I wait till I can I miss the opportunity of now. Life is always about coming back to the now.

So what can you do now, how can you take a day, a half day, an hour or even just 5 minutes for yourself to do something nice for yourself? This is not about nurturing yourself by expecting to use energy, like spending money, or finding time that you don’t have because that keys into lack, ie I can’t afford that (time, money, energy) right now, if only … which is not happiness inducing.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find your little moments of bliss. And then pop them into your day. Then see what you can do about grabbing a chunk of time to nurture yourself in. You will have more energy for the other things you need to do and to enjoy life more fully. Which will only benefit everyone around you.

Start by choosing one little process, activity or ritual you can start to include in your day with out too much schedule re-arrangement or expense. It could be something you do already, like making a cup of tea. Then put some intention into this activity by making it special. Maybe using your best tea cup or your extra special tea that was gifted to you over Christmas. Then every time you make a cup of tea, it becomes special… it becomes nurturing… it becomes food for your soul. Having a shower, use some fragrant soap. Getting dressed, wear your favourite clothes. Eating dinner, light a candle.

By starting small, nurturing your soul becomes a daily, achievable practice. You could keep it simple and stay at your daily activities or you work towards a weekly treat like an extra long barefoot walk through the park or getting a monthly massage or pedicure. This process could be as little or as big as you want.

Enjoy and Create the Life You Want to Live!

This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you want to Live. Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved.