Creating a life we want to live means putting everything we know and have learnt about ourselves and our future selves into action.

No matter what we do our actions will create our life, so when we are in the process of actively manifesting a better life the question becomes ‘Am I walking my talk?’ Am I living living my truth? Am I living according to the values and ways of being I place the highest? Or am I leaving them in the ‘too hard’, ‘to-do tomorrow’ or ‘just gotta do this first’ basket?

manifesting Many of our ‘too hard / tomorrow / just gotta do this’ stories are deeply connected with an instinctual response rather than guided by an intuitive knowing. However, by being gently curious we can become more proactive about creating a life we want to live. 

My last blog was about all about cultivating a quiet kind of curiosity so we can more easily discern when intuition is guiding us forward or instinct is holding us back. It is so easy to mix up the two – and many people don’t even realise they are not the same thing.

Instinct is our protection from danger and perceived danger and is hard wired into us. As such it is fear based. Real or perceived. It is the part of us that will keep us stuck if it is not examined.

Intuition on the other hand is future driven. It may inspire a fear response because of what it is ushering us toward, but intuition whispers possibility for the future. Nothing to do with our past.

create a life we want to live

The ability to listen deeply enough to discern which voice is speaking, gut instinct or intuition, is fundamental to manifesting a life we love.

fear of change

But the challenge for many is that once we start to listen all we hear are fear based messages.



So how can we break the pattern of fear and instead hear our intuition’s loving advice?

The gentlest way to build our ability to listen and our ability to trust is to practice using our intuition with all the non-important choices or actions in our lives. Where to go to eat, what kind of tea we want, whether we want to go bowling or skating, which colour top we want to wear – instead of deferring to someone or something else or trying to logically figure it out.

Once that is going well we can shift to the more complicated choices and start to notice how they work out when we choose those. Again, by working with a gentle curiosity, being interested – not judgmental – about the outcome we become gifted with deeper wisdom and trust. This comes naturally as we either pro-actively notice confirmations or notice how we were swayed by an external voice or something from the past.

As we continue to embrace our insights, positive or negative, without self recrimination the next choice becomes easier and easier.

And then, as our trust in our own wisdom develops it becomes easier and easier to follow the whispers of intuition.


Noticing can help us re-frame the way we see things and shift old patterns. It also offers us the opportunity to do something more active about changing it when we need to (and kinesiology is a great way to do that!)


Our intuition will always keep whispering, that means as long as we stay curious we can take our time if a fear response comes up first. We can wait for the second or third invitation before we step forward. This gives us time to check in, and notice what we notice.

The friction between intuition and logic is in us all, the more we become curious and notice what we notice the more we are listening and trusting. And as we are listening and trusting we are tuning to our inner wisdom and developing the radical trust that is often needed to manifest our big audacious dreams!

So what might your intuition be whispering to you about how you could be creating a life you want to live and when will you take the time today to stop and notice?

And if you need any help calming fear, taming logic, listening to the whispers or getting over old patterns please do feel free to get in touch. 


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