As I write this we are in the pause of an eclipse – post-new moon – energetically a perfect moment to pause, re-align and commit to how we want our life to manifest. It’s a perfect time for some New Moon wishing, writing down a personal manifesto or creating a vision board. These are all brilliant intention-creating processes and help us align with our own big audacious dreams.

But we don’t have to wait till an eclipse to do this. Creating intentions is something that we can do anytime we have the inspiration. And by doing so we put the energy in motion – then we may trust it will appear. Like magic. And sometimes it does. Or we might need to focus on it and work towards it, trusting it can’t not happen. And sometimes that is true.

But when life turns upside down and nothing we do is working it’s easy to lose trust and feel there is no point. To feel that something is broken (often ourselves) or that our life is just not meant to be what we wished for.

manifesting What we forget that manifesting is a far more complicated process than just creating intentions. Or taking action. It is a combination of these and more – and to be successful we need to learn to be curious, fearless explorers.

Our thoughts are intrinsically entwined in the manifesting process. Even if we choose to vision board instead of writing out our intentions we live in a world manufactured by our thoughts. And our thoughts are made up of layers of logical and illogical and downright crazy talk.

These thoughts are driven by feelings, acknowledged or not. They are also affected by our life’s lessons and experiences, traumatic and not. Our thoughts create the universe we exist in and the possibilities we can see and create a ’friction’ between what is and what can be.

Becoming curious is a way to reduce that friction.

on curiosity and manifesting We have all had an experience of being in love (life, someone or something) when everything looks rosy. Our happy hormones help us make big decisions easily, take risks and simply trust life’s unfolding. It is a beautiful time of opening and expansion.

And we have all had the experience of hating life, being fed up with adulting and over it all. And at those times even things that normally will bring us joy don’t. Everything seems awful, even if we have a wonderful life. Trust falls away and all we see is misery and the potential for failure.curiosity

Some people live more in one camp or the other but neither is ‘wrong’ if we learn how to be curious. For example, research shows starting something that needs serious consideration, like a business or large investment, while being flooded with happy hormones is possibly the worst timing ever. That is because with all those happy hormones flooding our system we are not really willing to consider the chance of failure – so we can easily mistake those happy hormones for intuitive knowing.

The same thing happens when we are in the misery camp. We might miss a wonderful opportunity or jump when we don’t need to because we feel that it is the right thing to do – mistaking that voice for intuition.

And so we come back to curiosity. If we allow curiosity into our life we allow more truth and more possibility.

The first, and easiest step, is to be curious as to whether this intuition feels driven by fear. If it is, it is more likely to be gut instinct – not intuition – which is designed to keep us safe from both actual and perceived danger.

So while instinct helps us avoid real danger it may also, for instance, say ‘run’ when we start to have feelings in a new relationship. If we confuse this with our intuition we may either listen and miss the opportunity of a beautiful connection or discount the feeling and ignore red flags. Neither of these are helpful.

But if we allow ourselves to become quietly curious we can observe what is sitting underneath the impetus to run. I say quietly curious because unfettered curiosity can become an interrogation of our feelings leading to beating ourselves up or logically putting two and two together and missing the true answer.

Yes, it might be that last terrible relationship. Or the childhood trauma. Or a denial that someone can love us.

Or it may be a knowing that something is not quite right – even though we might desperately want it to be perfect.

The truth lies in the quiet space of our inner wisdom, not in the cacophony of our thoughts. By learning to be quietly curious we deepen our listening and ability to access our own inner wisdom which always knows when to step forward and when to step away.

So how do you practice being quietly curious?

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