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bed deathI loved this article about bed death. It is titled Lesbian Bed Death but the truth is that it is not just lesbians who experience this as a relationsip issue. This is an incredibly common issue for many couples especially with the busyness of life.
It isn’t a problem for some, intimacy is experienced in other ways and neither partner really misses it. But for others it is a major issue. This article outlines a 30 day  plan to reignite the interest and most of these recommendations would suit any couple.
It is designed to reawaken the interest and connection with your partner. Have a look if this has been an issue for you and your loved one.
It also suggests that couple counselling should also be considered. Check into how healthy your relationship is feeling, if the lack of intimacy has been extended or has caused issues within the relationship then I would recommend looking into it. Did you know that Relationships Australia offer a sliding scale for couples counselling? This can be very useful as money issues are very often a part of the problem.
Hope this reignites a bit of fun for you! This article is by Dr Darcy Sterling PhD and comes from the Psychology Today Website, a fantastic resource. Read the full article here….
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