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Your Booster : Heart Meditation


Heart Meditation

You may have heard or done the Metta Meditation of Loving Kindness. There are many variations but the basis of it is;

‘Starting with yourself, you feel and recognize that you too suffer and sincerely wish for yourself health, peace and loving kindness. You then choose someone close to you and do the same. Move onto a stranger, but one you see often. Recognise that they too suffer and would prefer to be happy. Send them health, peace and loving kindness. Next move onto someone who is more difficult (that one can be hard but feels beautiful when it is accomplished). Finally send the loving energy to all those individuals equally (as they symbolise our day to day contacts) and then out to the universe as a whole.’

This can be done on a day to day basis by looking at those people we meet and recognizing that they too are having the human experience and want the same joy we seek. Quietly saying to yourself ‘just like me’ as you breathe out can help the heart to open and the mind to quiet. And how beautiful to be passing such loving thoughts around quietly as we sit on the bus!

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