As I write this we are entering into Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18). If you follow any Astrologers you will likely know we are also now officially in the Age of Aquarius. As a 2000+ year transition the entry and exit points are fairly vague, but generally it is agreed that the shift began in 2012 and the many astrological events in December completed it. This means that we are all affected by the themes of Aquarian energy – not just those born under the sign.

The Soul Words for Aquarius are Group Consciousness and World Service.The Age of Aquarius

The journey of the soul vs the personality is especially significant now because, with our planetary journey now in Aquarius, the breaking down of the old ways and the separateness that currently reigns is our united path as well as the individual path for the Aquarian. The significance lies in the energy fuelling the change.

Aquarians are the humanitarian’s of the planet, and once evolved can use their heart-centred intellect in the pursuit of truth and right-human relations.

The challenge can come when the personality is still ruling – this is when the intellect becomes focused on getting what the ego itself wants from life, regardless of the consequences for others. When this happens, the intellect becomes cold and clinical and manipulative in its drive for destruction of the old and its vision of change for the future.

The significance is that, in these wild times, this vision of change can look like the ‘soul’ work of Aquarius. So how do we tell the difference? The key to look for is a fear factor. When the vision is driven by fear, an ego is in charge.

Aquarius - the good of the whole The evolved Aquarian vision comes from a sense of inclusiveness, of the good of the whole. As part of the Aquarian journey is the fusion of the heart and mind the intellect of the evolved Aquarian cannot be cold and clinical but is clear and focused on the good of the whole.

Each of us has our own Aquarian influences, so how can we support stepping up into our own potential in this Age of Aquarius? One way is by using our intellect to consciously choose heart felt actions that are in alignment with the greater good. Parents do this everyday – as do many of us. Another is to recognise when fear is ruling or the rather loud voice of the seemingly logical mind is taking over. Once we recognise this we can do what it takes to return to our heart and hear the quiet voice of intuition that always sees the bigger picture.

Such significant times we are in. I trust you stay safe and well and in your heart!

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