How are you going as we start to define our new normal? Some people are raring to get back into it and others are sad iso is coming to a close. Whichever camp you sit in, life as we knew it is going to continue to change. But that doesn’t have to be as challenging as it may seem. If we can find the space of peace despite the anxiety of uncertainty then we can be open to the possibilities this new era is bringing.

A peaceful centre is not natural though. We are programmed to look for the worst case scenarios – it is the reason humanity has survived! Watching for danger is hardwired into our limbic system – and the more stressed we are or the more trauma we have experienced – the more our brain will find to worry about.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep finding your own sense of peace and calm despite these times.

Aside from the ongoing affects of COVID, astrologically speaking, this journey is not over. Several planets are in retrograde over these next few months, including Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. Plus we just had the Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio. And next month Neptune and Mercury will be joining the retrograde circus!

What are retrogrades all about (aside from backing up computers)? They give us a chance to look at ourselves through a different lens. in the west we can tend to find them annoying, because of our tendency to want to keep on no matter what. But if we welcome and listen to our deep inner voice these times offer us a time for transformation and to align more deeply with who we truly are.

A newsletter this week from the fabulous Astrologer Babula Clement, shared this excellent advice : “With many planets in retrograde motion in the coming winter months, I recommend taking extra good care of your general health, immune system and to minimise stress as much as is possible in these times. It’s a good period to focus on research, planning, healing of old wounds, sorting through unresolved issues and so on. It’s generally not wise to begin big new projects or make major decisions…. but rather to prepare the ground for later in the year when the planets all begin to move forward again. With cool weather and current restrictions, resting and general hibernating is a good idea when possible.”

I hope you and yours stay well and safe and if I can help you in any way please do get in touch.


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