Covid has temporarily closed most therapy practices and has offered us an opportunity to sit and realign with what we really want in our life. This includes what we want from our work. It is important to take some time to clarify and align with our vision once again so we don’t set up interference as our energy tries to follow two paths at one time! Taking that time to ground and align with your vision is a really important step right now before you get too busy in your practice.

As a practitioner and a mentor to practitioners, one of the things that is really important is that we need to have a really positive mindset and a real confidence in ourself and what our offer is.

We need to know that what we do is fantastic. We need to have total confidence in our ability to help our clients. And tied up with that is what I call our Big Audacious Dream, our big vision.

We need to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Why is it important to be doing this in the world right now. This is all part of our mission and purpose and for most practitioners and therapists our business vision is connected to our mission which is connected to our purpose which is connected to our confidence and mindset. Everything in intertwined and leading us forward.

These need to be clear and we need to be aligned with them for us to be able to keep on keeping on, because otherwise when things happen it becomes all too hard.

So what COVID has done in its slowing us down is to have brought up all kinds of questions for everyone, about everything really! As practitioners, what we can do, especially now as we start to head back into practice is to make sure we have taken time to think about these kinds of questions :

  • What is it that you stand for?
  • Where is it that you want to go?
  • What is important to you about doing this work?
  • What is important for your clients that you do this work?
  • What is your Why? Why are you doing this?

These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself because by asking yourself and getting really clear you start to really connect to the strength of why you are doing this and why it is so important to you. Asking your self these kinds of questions quietly, allowing yourself the space to answer form your heart helps you to know why it is that you know that you can do this.

Getting that solidity in ourselves gives us a deep resilience to whatever life throws at us. It is important to get this onto paper, not to just feel it. This can be either in writing or in drawings, or in vision boards, but something that solidifies what that looks like.

Having that clarity and those solid foundations means that your marketing will then come from a really strong and aligned place. So everything you speak or write about (because marketing is just about communication), everything you’re speaking about, everything you’re communicating is coming from that place.

So, before you go back to work, or definitely before you get too busy take some time to really focus on your Big Audacious Dream. Your vision. Know why it is that you’re doing what you do and why is it important to you.

Take time to connect with that deeply. And then make sure that your mindset and your vision  are aligned so that you go back to work, to your practice, from a really, really strong place.

And remember to have fun with it!

Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk more about this or what it means in your practice.

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