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Practice for change Your change check in…..


By gay landeta

Finally, it is time to deal with your feelings. To prepare write out a list of the things that help you get over uncomfortable feelings. Deep breathing, meditation, creativity, Rescue Remedy, watching junk TV, whatever works for you.

Once you have your list (BTW this is a really useful thing to have stuck to your fridge!) go back to the previous two steps checking in on your action or avoidance and how you are thinking about things.

Notice how you feel. There will be some feelings, possibly joy but more likely anything from vaguely uncomfortable to actively angry, frustrated or ??? Recognise these feelings are the emotional impact of change – and probably why you haven’t made the switch already!

Use your list to calm yourself or, if you can, just sit with them. *But remember you must keep taking action and practice thinking in new and positive ways while you are doing all this feeling of the pain.* (A bit like rubbing your tummy while you pat your head!)

And if this doesn’t work then you may well have given it your best shot. Don’t feel a failure if you decide to chat with a professional. Change is hard and seeing what is missing from the inside is often extremely difficult. Often that external perspective will help you to see what you might be missing in your recipe for change. And because you have done the groundwork you can go straight for gold.

Good luck!




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