mercuryMercury retrograde cycles (starting June 7th) are perfect times to reflect on patterns that don’t serve us anymore – if you are keying into old emotional pain and are fed up with an outdated or limiting reactive pattern here are a couple of tips on to starting to activate the changes you desire.

The first step is to observe where you are in this process.

Either you will be at a point of being ready to change or you aren’t. No point trying to change unless you are really over this pattern as we can’t change until we are ready, ie the pain of change is less than the pain of staying put in our defensive armour. If you aren’t ready be kind to yourself and resolve that you will start to notice what your ‘payoffs’ might be. Recognising and starting to deal with those will be the start of the change process.

If you know you are ready to change then pump up your change muscle by seriously taking responsibility for your actions by looking honestly at your response, and considering if there are boundary issues – are you crossing someone else’s or is someone else crossing yours – or both! – and then recognise the impact your actions are having on your relationships. Responsibility is not blame. it is simply owning what we do and accepting that there will aways be response to our actions. As we become more response-able we start to become less reactive.

We always need to do any reflection in a kind and loving way. We need to forgive ourself and not blame ourself (or others). It is what it is and it has been the only way we have known how to react. But the future can be different. It is about learning how to choose.

Enjoy the retrograde cycle, be kind to yourself and enjoy the sunshine. Create the Life You Want to Live….

This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you Want to Live! All rights reserved 2014.