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The End of Financial Year is when we have a financial reflection of all our hard work.


If steady client numbers rely on a solid marketing strategy; and how well that marketing strategy has done is reflected in our figures, then reviewing that strategy becomes a no brainer!

In your review consider:

1. If your marketing has resulted in a steady stream of clients both new and returning.

You should be keeping accurate records of client numbers, both new and returning so you can monitor your progress. If you have highs and lows your marketing strategy may have gaps.
2. If you can identify what marketing activities has produced what results.

You should be monitoring where your clients come from so you know the results your activity is producing. Some activites will produce instant response (eg time limited offers) others raise your profile if done correctly (eg social media). You should understand the value of each activity you are doing in the big picture so you can have a good balance in your overall strategy.

3. If you feel confident that you can accurately budget for next year.

This relies on confidence in client numbers and client numbers relate back to your strategies. While many people blame economic conditions they do change constantly. If you understand your marketing you can adjust to suit your environment.

4. If you know how to talk and write about your work so your perfect client recognise you amongst the competition.

Competition is not a bad thing, it gives our clients a variety to choose from however it is our job to be able to explain the benefits of working with us in a way that our perfect clients can recognise. How well can you articulate the benefits of working with you?
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To your success!


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