Neuroplasticity is advocating that the brain is capable of change even after childhood, on into maturity, and even old age. This discovery has big implications for teaching as well as for psychology, psychiatry and rehabilitative medicine. To know that mental illness can be helped by rewiring the brain of a dyslexic student or a child with ADHD can be life changing.

The theory in short is that changes can be made to the brain by strengthening the neural pathways. This can be achieved through new experiences gained by doing certain activities and, it is within our control.

At Create Clinic we are providing a demonstration and sharing evening where you can learn about Brain Gym®  can provide you with powerful tools for rewiring your brain.

At Create Clinic we believe that each and every person is a powerful creator of their own reality. You strive to offer support so that you can… Create the Life You Want to Live.

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First Community Evening is Tuesday 30th of April at 7:30pm.

$10 cover charge . Light refreshments provided.

Please rsvp to secure your space.