Lots of us struggle with trying to create a perfect practice – but often there are hidden elements stopping us – tonight is giving us the perfect opportunity to see them. 

This question : ‘What do I need to let go of to create the space and energy to create my dream practice?’ is such a significant one regardless of anything else. Most of us fill our lives with busy-ness. That busy-ness is often just ‘busy work’ – not really useful at all – but with luck we can see that and start to do something about it.

But there is also the hanging on we do to the old that is more of an unconscious hanging on. We can’t really see what might be holding us back – or if we do we don’t trust ourselves to let it go.

creating space Tonights Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is a perfect time to become enlightened around this. And then Mercury Retrograde following up hard behind it offers up the opportunity to come back to what is essential to ourselves, letting go of what is no longer needed.

It is important not to try to manifest at this time, leave that for a moment and stay with the idea of clearing space for what you truly want in your life. You can even do some decluttering or clearing out to make space if that feels right.

And then some time this evening or tomorrow morning just reflect on this question and allow the answers to emerge. Journal them so you don’t forget (!) and then see what wisdom Mercury brings. Your dreams will likely be significant at this time as well.

And if you get a really clear answer – like “my lack of self-confidence” or “my fear of not making enough money” or “my desire to stay hidden” or “not letting the kids grow up” or something else that you can see is really holding you back then write those down and burn or bury them with intent. 

Next up – The courage it takes to get yourself out there and the 7 blocks to finding it. And if you missed my blog on the importance of clearly knowing your ‘Why’ then you can read it here. 

Wishing you some beautiful wisdom from deep within! 

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