Our physical health does not stand alone. A huge drain on our health is how we are aligned in our reality. I find this particularly interesting right now as we travel this Taurus / Scorpio Eclipse. This Eclipse is testing our values and bringing up what needs to be seen and dealt with. 

In light of this, I have recently been sharing an exercise with clients that I thought you might find helpful. It is an exceptionally insightful process for anyone and is, in fact, part of the discovery process (ie what is causing undue stress in our system) in “The Personal Power Of One” Kinesiology materials.

aligning with values

Aligning and living our values is not only good for our energy and wellness it is also a very personally empowering process.

This process has two steps.

The first step is to look at your values. If you have never done a personal values exercise now is the time. Here is a blog I just republished if you aren’t sure where to start.

Even if you know your values take time to consider if they have changed in any way. For example having a baby, changing jobs or the kids leaving home will all change what is important considerably.

Consider how you live your values and how they may interact or interfere with each other. Write it out to make it real. THIS is where we can deepen our connection with that which is right for us. You may need to rethink or re-prioritise some of them to truly be able to feel you are living in alignment with them.

Once you have this clear you have a picture of who you choose to be. Then, when you are feeling off or need to vent you can do so. Then once you have dumped the emotion rather than sitting in it, listen to the words and feelings that arose and notice if they are in or out, of alignment with your values.

health and values

If it was just a vent, you can simply realign and move on.

If it highlighted values that need adjusting then do that.

Or perhaps it showed up old patterns ready for change.


All of these outcomes are empowering and insightful stuff.

(Quick note – the trap you don’t want to fall into is self-recrimination. This process is a route to empowerment – not beating yourself up! 😉

For example let’s say I am having a challenging day, if my values statement includes the value of kindness and acceptance and appreciation that others are doing their best then I can practice not letting my frustration get me – or at least try not to let it leak out onto others!

I can remember that everyone is doing the best they can. Even if I think they ‘should’ be doing better, I can realise that my non-acceptance is out of alignment with who I choose to be. I might still be really annoyed – and if so it would be important to let that out! No bypassing the emotions here! 😉 But  I can also realise that I am just blowing off steam and not really who I choose to be.

If it keeps knocking on the door I can choose to do some work and find a deeper level of understanding of how to live peacefully in this world.

Or perhaps what is going on is really not OK and there are boundary issues involved. Using this process I can see more clearly what needs to be done and take assertive and appropriate action.

Sometimes values clash and when they do they can create an almost unresolvable turmoil. Using this practice can help us find a way home through our reactive responses when life becomes overly complicated and chaotic.


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