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Dream, plan and unfold your year

Dream, plan and unfold your year

Most likely, 12 months ago you created intentions, goals or resolutions for 2013, all of which have either come to fruition, been given up on as too hard or not the right time or have been long forgotten. And now here we are ready to do it all again for 2014.

Before you start, if you are serious about goal setting ….

Before you start spend some time completing the old before you quietly – or loudly – declare your 2014 goals. This means you will have a clean slate instead of a confusion of unfinished business that may block your energy to move forward.

Use the Law of Attraction …

Goals, intentions and resolutions all create energy – that energy has been called the Law of Attraction or the Ability to Manifest and was celebrated in the movie ‘ The Secret’. The energy to manifest is around us all the time however that does not mean it always works out like we think it should. We tend to use the concept of manifestation to think we are in absolute control whereas the truth is we aren’t. No matter who we are, everything does not and cannot go perfectly to plan.

When it doesn’t, especially when life unravels and we think we ‘should’ have, do, be, etc something different the only thing is to do is let go. Allow life to flow you into a new direction, one that will, if you allow it, manifest more than you ever thought it could.

Creating the balance between setting an intention and going with the flow ….

How to create this balance between having goals and going with the flow? First, spend time in gratitude for where you are now. Gratitude is often talked about because it is such a powerful way to open the heart. Spending time in gratitude will help you into the state of grace that helps to clear out unfinished business and create a strong space to move forward.

Cancel, alter or recommit to your existing goals …

Next, think back through your goals, in light of where you are now, choose to cancel, alter or recommit to each of your existing goals to create strong lines of energy to move forward.

To those that no longer fit, consciously send them light and gratitude, perhaps allow some sadness or grief that you no longer choose to commit to them and then let them go. You can write them on paper and burn them, Surround them in light and love and send them off to the universe, bury them in the earth, whatever feels right to you.

Next, to those that you want to alter, consciously commit to the alterations by letting go of the old and rewriting them.

And for the ones you continue to commit to then do so with your strongest of intention.

Create your new intentions ….

Then take some time to create your new intentions for 2014. Tomorrow I will again publish my blog on Mauri drawing, an insightful way to reflect on the past and help to inspire new directions and pathways.

Ground by accepting full responsibility …

Now, to ground your goals, old and new, ensure you are prepared to take action and accept the consequences of those actions and create your to do list. Now just stick to it, step by step with no thought, letting go of the outcome just do the next step. No problems if you get unstuck, just consciously recommit and keep going or, if it isn’t working then allow life to help realign you, just remember to take time to alter or cancel your existing intentions once clarity comes.

So, with a new moon (the first in 18 years) coinciding with New Year’s Day, we have a very powerful time for creating intentions. Start by creating space in your New Year’s Day to commit to your 2014.

In short …

Step 1 : Have gratitude for where you are….

Step 2 : Cancel, alter or recommit to your current goals…

Step 3 : Create new goals and intentions….

Step 4 : Ground these by creating a to do list…..

Step 5 : Now, take action step by step and let go of how it ‘should’ be.


Have a magical one!

This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you Want to Live! All rights reserved 2013.