I recently sent out this newsletter to my clients and had so many responses that I thought I would publish it here, on my blog, for everyone to read.

Hi, with the year coming to a close many of us are re-thinking multiple aspects of our lives. A few years ago I shared this letter from writer Elizabeth Gilbert and I am revisiting it as I think it is absolutely relevant to this conversation. I know it is long but it is well worth reading – Elizabeth so clearly speaks about something that is often discussed inside my clinic walls, the challenge of finding happiness and living on purpose as we deal with reality. Pulling apart the meaning behind how we create our income can shed much light on this subject.

Some of us have hobbies, some jobs, some careers and some vocations, much of which overlaps or transfigures into something else at different stages of our lives. I agree with Elizabeth that understanding the boundaries of these can be very insightful as we consider what steps we may choose to take next in our life. 

For me, my practice started as a mission to help my kids – so a vocation. I always felt ‘the call from God’ that Elizabeth speaks of and followed the breadcrumbs, but I also knew when it needed to become my career as well and so I left my job behind.

It remains both my vocation and my career and so I need to accept the business and marketing hustle and bustle of any career as a part of it. But through remembering the vocational aspect of it, the love and honour I feel for my work and that I have for my clients, I have been able to provide for myself without falling into the corrosive trap of career and vocation that Elizabeth mentions.

Supporting fellow practitioners definitely started as a mission – so again, a vocation – and, while it does produce income, I have never been keen on pursuing the career aspect of it. Despite knowing what I ‘should” do, especially marketing-wise, I don’t feel inspired to do it with this work. Instead, it tends to move at its own pace. I love the beautiful souls that I have been able to support in their transition from vocation to an authentic soul-inspired vocational career – and seeing them provide for themselves and their families without falling into the trap. Understanding this difference between career and vocation means that I clearly see how it remains a vocation for me and so I happily follow the breadcrumbs. Even though I may not rely on it as I would a career, I can remain committed to it as a process and as such, will do what needs to be done to be seen by the right people.

My art is easier – it is a hobby. I absolutely have a leaning to and love of it. And I do it no matter whether people like it or not. But I don’t think I would like to make a living out of it (career) and I don’t think (although I have certainly noticed a stronger pull towards it over the years) that I truly have the dedication of a vocation. Not like my niece who is a brilliant teacher (career) and mad keen artist (vocation). That means it comfortably sits in my life and I can continue to put pieces into exhibitions, sell the odd item, learn new things, maybe even finish setting up my artists Facebook page one day – but with no pressure.

And so over to you …. I wonder if this may be an interesting journalling process for you if you are wondering about where you sit in the various aspects of your life. It might be a nice Sunday afternoon journey. 

If that resonates you can read through Elizabeth’s full and eloquent article here on my blog. Then consider the areas of your life that you feel conflicted in. Areas you might be thinking you ‘should’ be making money out of. Or maybe about the job you are considering leaving. Or what making a dream a reality could mean.
Enjoy playing with these thoughts. I would love to hear how you go!

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