Brain Gym

Brain Gym® and Kinesiology can change your personal and business life in remarkable ways!

You’d really like to feel switched on and ready to achieve your goals…

but instead you are feeling un-focused, un-coordinated and un-able to make things happen…

Life in 21st century is hectic –  more and more needs to be accomplished in less and less time.

Feelings of overwhelm, frustration and stress are becoming the norm. There are so many new things to learn on top of so much that needs to be done, sometimes it just feels like there is no space left in the brain – or in the schedule. Often we envision a better future but feel powerless to get there, we just feel stuck in the rut.

It is possible to feel focused and grounded and to make the changes you want in your life.

It is possible to be able to create goals and achieve them instead of being stopped by old programming; to express yourself clearly and efficiently and be able to learn easily, retain new information and use it effectively without feeling stressed. And it is possible to be able to help others, including your colleagues or kids, do this too.

You are not the only one who wants a better life but feels powerless to make it happen.

We are continually being bombarded by an overwhelming amount of information and it is becoming more and more difficult to stay focused on what you want, let alone find time to regenerate. Stress is no longer the domain of the workaholic CEO, even kids are stressed out by the demands on their time and energy. People are feeling more disconnected than ever. And, while the Law of Attraction is everyday speak, few feel that they are attracting all they could. Most people find it is all they can do to keep on keeping on.

To make your dreams reality you need to be able to switch yourself on at will.

You need to be able to quickly and easily refocus and be ready for action in your mind, body and spirit. You need to be able to alleviate stress, improve your memory, increase your creativity and enhance your performance. And you need the tools to be able to do it by yourself in just a few minutes.

Brain Gym® is used every day by thousands and thousands of people world wide to help them help themselves at work, at home or in schools.

Brain Gym offers you tools to re-focus, become organised and grounded and develop better communication with yourself and others. It enables you to improve your academic, athletic or expressive performances anytime, anywhere – and, as a bonus, it is easily shared with others.

More about Brain Gym 101 four day foundation training….

Brain Gym® is used by businesses, schools and individuals world-wide every day. During a program you will learn specific ways to improve three prime aspects of life; focus, organisation and communication. You will learn how to notice when you are switching off and how to switch on, relieve stress and achieve your goals easily anytime. Brain Gym 101 is a certificate level workshop accredited with the Brain Gym International and the Australian Kinesiology Association (conditions apply).

Workshops held at Create are limited to 8 participants who are ready to learn the tools to transform their life and, after teaching this program for nearly15 years, I have seen some amazing things come out of these workshops. 

Is the Brain Gym 101 four day training program for you?

You will be looking for a way to reduce stress, support learning, build confidence, increase your vitality or improve your performance. You may be wishing to increase your productivity or decision making ability, improve your performance or develop new skills. You may be interested in your own personal development, be a teacher or parent, a business person, a coach, counsellor or trainer, or considering training to be an Educational Kinesiologist or Brain Gym® Instructor. 

What will it do for you?

You will learn a gentle and energising program to co-ordinate the brain and body for greater productivity and learning. Brain Gym movements prepare the body and nervous system for optimal performance. You will learn simple and effective ways to release tension, improve the brain / body connections, manage stress, develop positive thinking skills and improve concentration, organisation and coordination.

What will happen?

You will learn techniques that can become important resources for life. This 32 hour course will teach you  how you can apply the Brain Gym movements to benefit yourself and others. You will learn:

  • the role of movement in learning
  • the Brain Gym® movements and how to apply them
  • kinesiology techniques
  • two repatterning processes
  • a powerful five step balance process which includes getting ready to learn, goal setting and how to anchor change

And specific balances to improve:

  • positive attitudes
  • organisational skills
  • attention and comprehension
  • coordination of movement
  • reading , writing, spelling and math
  • stress reduction

97% of past participants give this course 5/5 to the question ‘Overall, I am glad I took this course’ and  ‘I would encourage others to take this course’.

Other comments include: “clear and concise opportunities to learn” ….  “feeling comfortable and happy inside the learning space” …. “learning Brain Gym is wider that what I had thought” …. “Gay’s attitude and approach to teaching – very inclusive, knowledgeable, welcoming and supportive” …. “small class so everyone willing to participate.”

This is a hands on workshop suitable for anyone, a simple incredibly useful new set of tools to help you get to where you want to be in your life!

®Brain Gym is a registered trademark of Brain Gym International www.breakthroughsinternational.org