Esoterically the story of our journey through Scorpio is likened to the story of Hercules fighting the many headed Hydra. And it certainly can feel like that! So for all of those who are born under the sign of Scorpio (Oct 23 РNov 22), or have a strong placement of Scorpio, here is your challenge…

Scorpio Growth Scorpio offers us the world – once we stop fighting and start responding to what is. Of course this is a huge challenge for Scorpio, this sign is the point of transmutation of the Scorpion, to the Eagle, to the Phoenix – no one else has so much opportunity to fly once they stop ‘stabbing themselves in the back!’

This journey from the warrior assassin to the true warrior of light and love is the transmutation of the lower desires of comfort, sex and power into higher aspirations for the greater good. The Scorpio influence encourages us to dig deep. It is a sign with great insight and intuition – the challenge is to use it for good rather than twisting it against ourselves or others.

Once Scorpio learns to let go of the stories that build the resentment and bitterness that can often reside within, the transformation begins. The Eagle emerges and with it the ability to become the observer. And then, as we start to live more courageously from the heart, the Eagle transforms into the Phoenix. This is where, esoterically, it is said that the three lights meet – the light of form, the light of the soul and the light of all of life.

We all get caught in old stories, as humans we relate to others through stories, we understand and learn best through stories. Stories are a natural part of life. The Scorpio challenge is to notice when those stories no longer serve, and instead practice developing the intellect, intuition and insights to see through the illusions of this world.

The Drama Triangle is a handy way to check-in and make sure that we are not being mis-lead by ‘Maya’ (the illusions that delude our experience of reality). I have kept the first module of the Psychology of Peace free so you can review it anytime. Watch it here. And if it resonates consider taking the Peace Challenge and transform your life!

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