Heads Up!    Oct 2016
Last months eclipse, being in Pisces, has challenged our compassion and offered up a beautiful opportunity for the soul to grow.  The effects will last for about 6 months so there is a potential for old pain to continue to emerge but with it the opportunity for profound healing and a reconnection with the deepest part of ourself.
Jupiter has left the planet Virgo and moved into Libra which means the spotlight is on relationships for this next year. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth so that means we will all have the opportunity to expand our relationship skills. Relationships will be challenged – but the opportunity is there for growth if we choose. Remember a shift can be as simple as being open to what is stirring.
We tend to hide away from ourselves for fear of change – however the truth is that change is usually best handled by looking at it straight in the eye. It then becomes easy to take small, easily manageable steps without overwhelm and with caring for yourself in the journey.
We always need extra self care in a time of change. Here is a beautiful self compassion exercise from the School of Life who offer a fantastic library of support resources. I hope you enjoy it, being gentle with ourself gives us more space to be kind to others. And doesn’t this world need a bit more of that!

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