I want to share a little bit more about procrastination. Not only because I received quite a few emails of appreciation after my last vlog on procrastination and the concepts of willingness and possibility, or because I often help with clients overcome this block into stepping up to our potential and best self, but because it is one of those habits that we need to address from many perspectives to overcome its innate inertia. This is another way of looking at procrastination especially at the motivation behind it.

Procrastination and Motivation

We often do something because there’s a deadline.

We’ve got to get it done by that date and so we just step up and get all our to-dos done.

We do that because if we don’t get it done by that date there is going to be ramifications. So that deadline actually is a punishment of sorts. It becomes something to be concerned about as something bad will happen if we don’t get it done.

Instead of that, what I suggest, is to start looking at what you’re aiming for. At what your vision is, what your outcome is, WHY you’re actually doing this.

And then instead of running from danger, you are stepping towards this bigger outcome, of your vision. In that way, you are responding to the situation, instead of acting from the reactive place of a deadline.

This doesn’t mean that deadlines are bad or gone or not required, because we often need deadlines. But what it does mean is that instead of the deadline being a driver and our brain trained to only react from a sense of urgency – from a sense of fear of punishment – we’re starting to train our brain to respond to a bigger picture of something – to what we’re stepping towards.

And by doing so we start to take all those little steps from that sense of achievement and purpose, instead of fear or reprisal.

So regardless of the deadline, spending a moment reminding yourself of what you are stepping towards, what your aspirations are, will help your brain learn to respond instead of react. And by developing the skill of responding we can remain calmer and more focused, which is, of course especially helpful in this world we find ourselves in today where so many people are reacting instead of responding to life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

procrastination and motivation PS If you think motivation is a stepping up or stepping out kind of process have a look at this little you-tube I did of what it really looks like!

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