Many people find themselves not doing what they really want or need to – in this video blog understand The Willing and Possibility Roadblock and maybe even to finally overcome procrastination!


Understand And Overcome Procrastination

I’ve been talking about Willingness and Possibility with a lot of clients lately, both my business mentoring clients and in personal 1:1’s. I have found that it not only has resonated deeply but has also provided some very interesting insights especially into procrastination. As procrastination is such a killer to the self-esteem I thought I might share it with here. This isn’t an original concept, it is one I learned from Robert Middleton who was sharing it in relationship to marketing, but I found it fascinating to consider in connection with everything that we do.

the key to overcoming procrastination These are the Willing and Possibility Quadrants. There are two axis’ – the  ‘Willing’ and the ‘Possibilities’ axis. Less Willing, Less Possibility expanding into more Willing, more Possibility. Considering the mental and emotional impact of these quadrants can give us some insight into how we take or don’t take action.

If we consider what, for example, the less Willing and less Possibility quadrant feels like we can see it will be negative – we are less willing to do something and we perceive less possibility. We think along the lines of “…there’s no possibility, there’s no point, I don’t want to …” When we’re in that place we’re just not going to ever do anything because it seems all hopeless.

If you find yourself in this quadrant then there is a good argument to either stop trying to do what it is you are being challenged or choose to be willing to change your mind about how you look at it. This is because when you’re not seeing possibilities and you’re not willing, there is no energy for moving forward and so there really is no point. It is simply a waste of all our resources. Re-frame our perception or let it go.

So let’s say we increase our Willingness but we really still can’t see any Possibility. How are we going to be thinking and feeling about things if we’re in that place? We might be really keen to do things, but when everything feels like banging our head against a brick wall; when there feels no possibility or like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s going to be disheartening and exhausting and we’re going run out of that Willingness very, very quickly.

That is why it is important to make sure that we can always find Possibility. If we find that we’re keen, but it feels like there’s not much point, then it’s time to have a serious look and into what the possibilities actually are. Whether there are actually none or, if we are missing seeing the possibilities that are there. Dig in, brainstorm, really identify what possibilities may be in hiding. It is easy to miss them through not noticing – but we also can miss them when we start to feel depressed which feeds into that black hole. And again, if there is none maybe it is time to walk away.

What about if we see Possibility, even endless amounts of possibilities, but we are unwilling to do the work? When we just do not have any willingness. This quadrant is very frustrating and if we do not deal with it, it can lead to big self-esteem issues. That is because it’s like we are living in the mindset of ‘the world is my oyster, but I can’t be bothered to do it’. A perfect storm for beating ourselves up.

The reality may be that if you are not willing to do it there may be a reason for that. It might not be that you have to overcome procrastination, but that you are following the wrong path, putting energy into something that there is not point in putting energy into. It might just not be the right way forward for you. It might simply not suit you. If we’re unwilling to move forward, even when there is possibility, then it’s time to stop and consider why we feel that unwillingness. Because the more understanding we have about our motivations for doing and not doing things, the more we can actually find true motivation to get things done.

overcome procrastination Finally we have the ideal place, the sweet spot of where we want to be. When we have lots of Willingness, we’re keen to do things, and we also see the Possibilities. So when we want to go forward and keep our energy high, when we want to keep stepping forward towards whatever it is that we want in our life, this is the sweet spot that we’re looking for, when we can see both Possibility and feel Willing to do it. No one really procrastinates then!

And the fix?

When things are sitting on the to-do list or are not getting done take a few minutes to consider these quadrants and let them help you shine a light on what is going on. Sometimes it’s as simple as a little reframe – other times it leads to a bit of in-depth self development work. And sometimes, when we dig into it, there is simply just a really good reason not to do it at all.

So have fun thinking about this and starting to use your time more effectively!

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