As parents we all want to raise healthy, happy kids with good self esteem. Especially if we have had challenges with our own. This is a great article that explores why it could be a good idea to train ourselves out of saying ‘darling, you are the best ever’ and into ‘great job, kiddo’.


How to Raise a Narcissist (and How Not To)


We love our kids and very often do think that they are the best ever. This is sometimes with a parental bias, other times because they really are, however this article suggests that the concept of being better than others leads to narcissistic tendencies.


The concept of superiority (which is inherent in ‘you are the best ever’) is competitive and too much competitiveness is one guaranteed way to shut down whole brain thinking. This is because, in its extreme, nothing matters except winning.


My take away is to consider if my throw away lines imply superiority … hmmmm should I stop telling Wing she is the best dog ever? … 🙂


Hope you have a great day!
All the best, Gay