Marketing a Wholistic Therapy is Hard!

I started my my practice back in 1997 and geez, it was a struggle. marketing a wholistic therapy is hard! Here is a self-confession about those times, I share it because the struggle is all too common amongst alternative health professionals or those who just want to do their heartfelt work. Build it and they will come. I think not for most of us!!!!

If this is resonating what can you do to start getting more clients in your practice? Here are a few things to look at….

1 . Break down what is missing in your practice. Maybe clients, but what else? How is your follow-up strategy? Are you following-up on enquiries and are they converting into clients? And are those clients returning?

It is essential to have a clear process that helps strangers become actively interested in what you offer and then excited to experience it so you don’t lose those precious leads. Then you need to have the next steps in place so once they have experienced what you have to offer they become raving fans about what you do.

The secret in that is using the right language – make sure you stay with what they want and address their needs – NOT what you offer. It is far too easy to talk about the solutions we offer instead of what our clients want. Make sure you stay with that in all your follow-ups.

2. If you have a great follow-up strategy but you are still a bit client lite then think about where your clients come from. How do they hear about you. Do you have the right strategies working for you to bring in new clients? Often I find when a practice is lite on clients it is because there are not enough ‘funnels’ leading into the practice.

The secret here is to make sure you are visible to your clients. How do you stand out amongst the crowd? Language is important here again. But so is how and when you present your offer. Make sure you present what it is you actually do in a way that those clients can understand I see far too many dedicated practitioners marketing a wholistic therapy instead of what they can actually do for a client.

wholistic marketing a therapy

3. And really important, what is your confidence like? This is something that is rarely talked about in terms of building a practice but in fact is a core part of success. Think about it – would you feel more comfortable seeing a practitioner that was able to talk about their work and the results they get with confidence …. or with someone less forthcoming about their work.

False confidence never works. True confidence comes through getting great results – yes. But it also comes from simply being able to talk about what you do in a way that gets people not just educated but wanting to come to see you. Authentically sharing what you do. Authentic Marketing.

Many of us have this idea the marketing is all about manipulation. And it can be. Good marketers can manipulate us into buying anything (just watch the Gruen Project sometime!) But in its best form, it is about educating our perfect clients about how we might fit together. And being clear about that is a huge confidence builder!

Make sure you have some short introductions ready to share with potential clients, together with some great case studies or stories. These will help you follow-up or approach people with confidence. Add to that good marketing materials and a website that you love that reflects you and what you offer and you will feel that confidence blossom.

******* If you are struggling with any of these aspects the work I do might well be the catalyst of your success. I truly do love seeing my clients stretch up into their potential, sometimes through a session to boost confidence or looking at the program that I offer my business students – once I am on your team I am totally committed to your success. If you want to know more get in touch! Love to help you clear out what is holding you back! *******

******** This was written with the intention of helping you to live your best life, I would love to hear your thoughts on this, And if you think someone else would enjoy it please feel free to share it around.*********

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