Earlier this year I posted a comment on Social Media about how broken-hearted I feel when I see people struggle. Often this is needless because we tend to cling to our viewpoint. Even if a single small shift of perspective would alleviate our pain.

We can become more committed to our perspective – or worse allowing another’s view to influence us – than to living a life we choose.

The ability to surrender our point of view, regardless of its origin, is petty well guaranteed to make life more enjoyable. However, aside from any other challenges we may feel letting go, surrendering control can feel incredibly challenging.

That is because we cannot comprehend how we can get what we want if we aren’t in control.

Personally, I have been considering this deeply for the last few months. After a magical time in India I came home with Pneumonia, although dealt with quickly, left me recuperating longer than I consider necessary. At least to achieve my goals!!! I had to let go of my ideas and just be Ok with allowing.

I decided to do an intensive coaching program on goal setting and manifesting through the Bob Proctor Institute (of the Secret). I loved revising such life changing materials. It reminded me that ultimately all we need to do is create that big dream and then just let go and take each action as it presented. It gave me the space to let go a little more.

So how do we cultivate the ability to let go and allow while still staying connected to our dreams? And how do we stay hopeful despite life? And aligned to our dreams and goals despite the chaos of reality?

Here is a bit of a how to..

1 Start by dreaming big – decide what you really want. 

Make a list, then choose the thing that absolutely makes your heart sing with joy. Don’t waste this on things you know how to make happen, this list is for those big audacious dreams. The ones you don’t know how on earth you can do.

Make sure you are 100% willing to do what it takes to get there. You actually can do anything as long as you claim it. 

If you are saying to yourself – “I will do anything – except … ” then question yourself how much you want it. Maybe you only really want it if you don’t have to change. 

The reality is, any big dream goals will bring up change. But life is change – something we easily forget. So regardless of whether you choose a big audacious goal or not you will change. May as well be in alignment with what you want!

2 Once you know what you want, take the time to write it down.

Writing things down is incredibly grounding. There is something about having to figure out what words are needed to convey the feelings we feel that creates an incredible clarity.

Write it down in present tense. As you write imagine it is already manifested, here and now. And make sure it is written in gratitude. You can start your dream with “I am so happy and grateful now that….”

3 Now take action on something you know you can do to get there. 

One little step. For example if you dream of having your own place but it seems impossible you could set up a savings account and a regular savings amount. Something that will be a stretch but you can maintain. Then do it. Every week see that $50 buying another doorknob.  

It doesn’t matter at this stage if that is going to get you there or not. It is the evidence of the commitment you have made. The proof you are willing to do what it takes instead of just wishing it will happen one day.

4 Then let go.

And keep reading your goal statement in present day tense. Keep doing what you are doing and keep believing in your internal picture – while you deal with whatever reality throws at you.  

So for example, if something happens and you need to draw on some of your savings, and there is no other option, then do it. Then notice your habitual pattern of thought that arise when you are up against it.

5 Analyse your patterns of thought.

These may be what are causing you unnecessary suffering and preventing your dreams coming into reality. Perhaps you feel that you just had proof that your dream will never happen. This is letting the external world run the internal. The opposite of Inner Leadership.

6 Instead practice looking from an alternative point of view.

For example, you had that money. You didn’t get further in the hole. You can save. You are managing your money and you will get your own place one day.

So spending that money on the emergency was proof that you are committed to saving. And then just stick with the plan. Believe that you will buy a house and then allow it to evolve in its own Perfect way. (And it might be nothing to do with your savings!)

7 Get some accountability.

Get someone who absolutely believes in you to back you. You don’t want anyone knowing your Big Audacious Dreams who does not 100% believe in you and your dreams. Get an outside someone if necessary. But have someone watching your back, helping you to stay on track when the track gets a bit rocky. ‘Cos that is life and it the one thing we know is that it will!

The reality is that we may choose goals that don’t work out as we thought. But then, if we keep working in this positive and intentionally focused way, surrendering into this process, the learning’s emerge. Sometimes we need to break old paradigms.

But as we do, we will shift and change and we will find that the end result is even more incredible than we ever thought possible. 

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