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Inner leadership.leadership

What does that mean?

These days, most people strive to be self reliant and independent. Surely once we have mastery over ourselves we have inner leadership?

Perhaps not. Inner leadership is not so much about managing ourselves as leading ourselves. Managing is about doing what is necessary today to get to where you want to go. Leading is about creating the vision. Inner leadership is about finding that quiet place within, amongst all the clamouring of all the voices and determining what it is that you are really wanting. Once found and aligned with it creates a sense of peace in our life that can be sorely wanted in these crazy times.

Outer Leadership, on the other hand, is about being driven by what others think, what others want for us, what we think we should have or think or do. Essentially Outer Leadership is about being driven by factors that are external to who we truly are and what our purpose for being is. If you are finding yourself focusing on these external things you have just been distracted.

Our true purpose is very unlikely to be a owning a nice new car, or a lovely house. Those things could be seen as an important part of managing and supporting ourselves so we can achieve our vision and be living our purpose, but they are not the purpose itself. Getting clear about the big picture and separating it away from the management of our lives can stop us limiting ourselves by our ego desires.

We can stop trying to figure out how to make something happen and just allow our-self to dream. Dreams can create reality when they align with our highest.   In trying to figure out what our highest callings we have to let go of our cultural and family conditioning. Our society puts a myriad of expectations on us including a picture of success equals a certain type of job, a flash car, a big house, the requisite number of happy children and exotic holidays. It is oh so easy to buy into this and use these as ideals that lead us.

Instead to get to our True Vision we need to allow ourself to dream of what is important to us in our heart of hearts. And then step up to make them happen. How do we know what this is? Many clients find it a challenge to identify even a few non-material goals. Why? Because these goals are the ones closest to hour highest version of ourselves and to connect and identify with what these virtues are means stripping away the ego so much that we aren’t distracted by the constant follow on cultural programming about what makes us happy. So I have a short exercise to help you strip away the fluff to get to the buts and bolts of what makes you happy.

Lets play….   Which of these values are important to you and why:

  • Authenticity
  • Serenity
  • Compassion
  • Service
  • Just is
  • Beauty
  • Right Relationships
  • Truth
  • Joy
  • Gratitude
  • (you can add in any more you can think of)

Now, when you start dreaming of what your purpose may be gather the values that you hold dear and see how they fit into that vision. Or simply gather the values together and see how that looks in the bigger picture of your life. Start to manage yourself  to achieve more of that and you may find your purpose finds you.

Now you have identified some of the virtues that influence your daily actions, spend a few minutes identifying actual events in your current reality that reflect these virtues. They may be as small as: Beauty – I keep my house clean and decorate in ways that make me happy.

Once you have identified how these virtues are already manifesting in your world it is easier to build upon them. Now that you know some 0f the fundamental elements that influence your actions you can identify them more and more in your daily interactions where you call upon your inner and outer leadership traits. Both forms of leadership are important, that’s how we interact in the world around us. However, what is important is having a good balance between the two so that we can walk the middle road where we are influenced by what we truly desire while still being effective in the world around us.

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Enjoy and Create the Life You Want to Live…


This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you want to Live. Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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