Recently, I was listening to some of the latest research on the brain and neural plasticity. I love that it is such a large and mainstream area now that you can’t keep up with all of it – you have to choose a focus area to even have a ghost of a chance to stay up to date!


I also love that the research often just backs up much of the metaphysical and alternate thoughts that have been voiced over the last few hundred years – or, even more significantly, thousands of years once you consider ancient tribal wisdom….


Some of the latest research on healthy ageing shows that our brains do change as we age, however not so much the way we used to think of it. ‘Use it or lose it’ is definitely true however what actually happens is that we start to slow down to develop a deeper thought process, a reflective process in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s which, it appears, is to develop the intelligence and wisdom to guide the tribe.


I find it fascinating as it aligns with the universal tribal custom of deferring to the wisdom of the elders, aside from mythologies and archetypes such as maiden, mother, crone or astrology theories that identify planetary events that create retrospection during these years.


Whichever perspective you take it appears once we move into our 40’s we are hard wired to lose part of our capacity for a carefree nature and instead be called to listen deeply to what i

s really important in our life. As a bit of an idealist, ok a lot of an idealist, I think it is reassuring to know that this is a normal and necessary part of our development and a basic aspect of the survival of our species.


It also seems that many of our world leaders may still be stuck in more juvenile patterns of thought. In a strange way this is not unexpected in a culture that celebrates youth as we do. It seems we need to learn to use our wisdom as we listen to those in authority and not blindly ignore nor accept what they say. Ruminate, find the wisdom and then share. The right people will hear.


So meditate, run, dance, draw, journal or do whatever you do to welcome in wisdom and create your aha moments that lead you to your joy. Share it with others. That wisdom might just be what is needed right now by your tribe! 

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