Grounding. We often talk about it, “I just need to get grounded right now” but did you know that it is an actual thing? Technically, it is called ‘Earthing’ and research shows that it has a seriously positive impact on our health and wellness. Here is a quick vlog to get you up to speed – or read the expanded transcript below. BTW, you can find the research here on the NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information) website.

Do you spend much time outside? I’m not talking about the times when you go out for a beautiful day in the forest or spend some time down at the beach. I’m talking about going outside in the garden or down the park with the usual day to day stuff going on, maybe it’s a blustery day, or there are cars going past, just spending a few minutes outside barefoot, connecting with the ground.

Often we wait till we can have quality time in a beautiful space – but we don’t have to wait till then. Research shows that just 10 or 20 minutes a day has an incredible long-term impact on our overall wellness.

It helps to reduce stress, it helps to regulate our Autonomic Nervous System, it helps to deal with the free radicals in our system. Those are what cause ageing and inflammation. It helps our immune system, reduces pain, helps regulate our digestion, respiration and heart rate, helps us to sleep better. It is an all round energy boost.

As our bodies electrical system connects with the Earth’s Telluric Current (its negative electrical charge) we absorb the negative electrons which in turn correct our electrical imbalances by reducing the free radicals in our system. So the concept of grounding is not as woo-woo as it sounds, it’s actually useful and even essential to our long term health and wellness.

The important thing here is the physical contact with the earth – barefoot or gardening is perfect. Especially if you live in an apartment and have been caught inside in COVID, it is important to make a conscious commitment to this self care. But even if you haven’t, you may well find that you walk past your yard or the local park everyday without connecting with the ground. We often don’t think to take off our shoes and put our feet on the ground. Give it a try and see how you feel. It really does make a huge difference long-term to our energy system and to our health and well-being.

So that’s my little tip for today. Love to hear your thoughts on this! And please feel free to share if you have friends who laugh about the whole concept of grounding. ‘Cos it really is a thing. 🙂

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