Meaning is something we all crave in our life. But finding it in our everyday lives can be difficult. A beautiful way to connect with what is meaningful is to create a photo journal. This process takes us out of our everyday and helps us to connect with and remember what really matters to us.


meaning For 30 days take a picture every day of something that means something to you. It might be your child, a leaf, a building, anything. Print it out – this step is important as our phones and social media are stuffed full of photos we forget almost immediately.  Then put it in a beautiful journal and write a few (or lots) of words about why this photo is meaningful to you.

You will end up with a snapshot of a month of your life.
The significant and insignificant moments and the ups and possibly downs of this moment in time. This is a beautiful item to keep and reflect on, share with your children or hand down in your family.


As a bonus, by the end of the month you will find you will be looking at things differently. The process of looking at your surrounds with the intention to find meaning will change how you see things. You will start seeing the quiet moments of meaning in the everyday. Life will feel more meaningful simply by doing this process. So if you are searching for a little more meaning in your life try devoting the next 30 days to playing with this process.everyday meaning


Remember, as Jean-Paul Sartre said “We are our choices.” Make yours to create the life you want to live!


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