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Opting Out Of The Drama Triangle – part 1


No one likes to feel like a victim. Nor do most of us enjoy being angry all the time. And while many of us love to be helpers why is that a problem?

This video blog looks at the Drama Triangle, something that can seriously stop us from creating healthy relationship and enjoying life. 

It’ll take just under 4 minutes – so not long. Hope you enjoy it!




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2 thoughts on “Opting Out Of The Drama Triangle – part 1

  1. Thank you Gay.
    Yes, it was nice to refresh and reflect on my position in this triangle, especially since the session with you 4 weeks ago. A lot has changed and shifted in forward direction. I’m more at peace and let things just ‘be’. The ‘Aum’ meditation triggered few things on the physical level. On the energetic plane and star alignment there’s been a lot happening. I always feel that ‘somethings up’ and ‘I go with the flow’.
    Thank you and have a good week.
    Xox Ewa

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